Writers and forum posters needed


Apr 15, 2014
Site Name:paid Forum Posting
Link to site:http://staff.paidforumposting.com/forums/topic/4627-how-to-apply-to-become-a-writer/
Positions Available:Many

Do you enjoy writing or have you been looking for a way to break into the online writing world? If so, why don’t you consider a new online career with Paid Forum Posting? Paid Forum Posting has been in business since 2005 so this is not a fledgling forum posting company. We employ writers from around the world and the work is always interesting and varied.

Paid Forum Posting only employs the best writers so that we can give our clients the quality content that they deserve and expect. We do require all applicants to complete seven test posts in our Proving Grounds board. After your tests posts have been evaluated by our team you will receive instructions on how to move forward and start making some money!

All of our writers are required to go through a 31 day training period so that they can learn how our business works. We are not like other forum posting companies and we do have rules and a process that must be followed. There are consequences for not following the rules up to and including termination for repetitive offenses. During your training period you are only allowed to work a limited amount of jobs so that you can learn everything you need to know without being overwhelmed. After the training period is over you can work as much or as little as you want.

At Paid Forum Posting you set your own hours and choose the jobs that you want to work. We have forum jobs in just about every niche that you can think of. We also have the highest pay rate of all the forum posting companies out there and payments are made through PayPal. Payments are nearly always completed within 24 hours of the request as long as they are sent during business hours, and it is not a weekend.

We do not require that our writers have any prior experience or live in a particular geographic area of the world. We do expect original posts with excellent English grammar that are at least 25 words in length. We do require that all of our applicants be at least 18 years of age because we do occasionally have adult content jobs available.

Unlike some other forum posting companies we have plenty of work available, and once your test posts have been approved you can jump right in and get your feet wet. Paid Forum Posting has an excellent community of writers who are happy to help you as you get started.

Whether you are looking for a second job that works around your schedule, just looking for something fun to do that also provides some income, or trying to find a way to work online full-time Paid Forum Posting has a spot for you! Head on over to Paid Forum Posting and get started today!