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May 11, 2010
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For all of our XenForo forum owners out there, are you guys excited about XenForo 2.2? The word on the street is that it will officially be released before the end of this year. Just like with the implementation of 2.0 and later 2.1, there's plenty to be excited about in regards to 2.2!

Here's a little video regarding the new forum and thread type features:

I think everything that is shown off in this video is achievable with the right add-ons, but it's great to see these things being default features.

There's plenty more features to check out here: https://xenforo.com/community/forums/have-you-seen/

I don't know how practical it will be, but I think the progressive web app really sounds interesting!
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Joshua Farrell

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Nov 9, 2009
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Atleast they are working on development, and showing what major features they are working on. ProBoards on the other hand, did an announcement that they were going to start working on their next full version 4 years ago, and they wrote the announcement like they were already in the middle of development. :p 4 years later, the development forum shows the main features are near complete, but the updates are getting slower and slower to be announced. Supposedly they will be making an announcement this week.

Carlos X

Feb 28, 2013
It's amazing how far behind in development and features XenForo is to IPB. Sure, it's a bit cheaper but still... :)
They've said from the beginning, that XF2 was meant to be in feature parity with XF1, and fix some of the things they wanted to fix for tomorrow. Like the "one click" installation (there's still a process, but...), "one click" Upgrade process. They're doing this for skins now, because the basis for the design is already there. They can easily extend eveything because they re-wrote most of the XF code base from scratch to make it extendible. They've even said as much for the new reddit style "Q & A" design they've got going.

[In fact, they said they don't expect to launch XF3, unless absolutely neccessary. But they pretty much said that XF2 is going to be a continuous development. They are free to do anything with XF2. Which is the goal behind XF2. With XF1, they felt like they have to fix one area in order for them to add new features, which means they were "handicapped" by the design of XF1.]

Obviously, the "Q & A" style design is based on the growing popularity of Reddit and similar services, and compete against them. IPB has it now, but xenForo is trying to be coy on "competing" with others...


I dunno why Mike responded or responds like that. You HAVE to compete with others. (True for any company.)

I'm excited about the announcements by xenForo. I can now remove the covers add-on. (I chuckled, because Themehouse has it... Wondering how they will change it or extend it...?)