Your favourite font.

For papers, Times New Roman. It's professional.

There's a whole bunch of bikeshedding that goes on with programming fonts, (Consolas, Fira, whatever) and all I can say is that I've used the default for so long that anything else looks weird. Neutra is pretty sexy. Other go to's are Roboto, Univers, Ostrich, Franklin Gothic, Din, and Avenir.

For serif fonts, I like Georgia and Palatino. Also, I enjoy slab serifs like Museo or Rockwell.

I'm already sick of Helvetica and Gotham. Not that I don't use them, but I'll try something else first just to keep it interesting and to experiment.


Up-and-Coming Sensation
Jan 20, 2019
Sans-serif: Proxima Nova, Open Sans, Raleway, Roboto, Lato, Montserrat
Serif: Playfair Display, Libre Baskerville, Modern no. 20
Slab: Sanchez Slab
Impact: Steelfish, Open Sans Condensed

I always love a fun script font. Most of the scripts they sell on Creative Market are really lovely. I hate those system default fonts, though, ugh.