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if being an independent creator has taught me anything, since I became one in 2020, was to improve myself and how my approach needed to stories and artwork need a push if I wanted to succeed
So...One thing to note is that this year for me has been very productive year and think this year for me is some of my best works as I'm a lot happier with my works compared where I was prior to 2020
Nothing like being a grave shift person, and your neighbor has people building his room at 8am... when you go to sleep at 5am... Yay to no sleep!
This is why I won't take a 3rd shift job. Without naming names, I have certain neighbors that make noise all day long. I don't think I'd be able to get any sleep due to all the noise going on. I don't expect anyone to walk on egg shells but some people don't have any sense to be at least semi-quiet. You never know which of your neighbors have to work the graveyard shift and is forced to sleep during the day.