Guide to Forum Promotion

On ForumPromotion, we give you the platform to not only promote your website, but to help give you the tools to sharpen your webmaster skills. In order to do that, we offer features that might confuse you at first, but once you get the idea, it’s easy to get started. We have complied a list of different things that we fill will help newer members in navigating ForumPromotion and help them out!

Forum Cash – What is it?

On ForumPromotion, we have our own currency commonly referred to as “FP cash”. It is the one and only way you can request official services such as our packages and reviews. In each service forum, you’ll see a large red box with information regarding how to request the service, and how much FP Cash is required. Once you request the service and it has been added, a Team Leader will deduct the relevant amount of FP Cash from your account as payment for the service.

  • Posting a New Topic will earn you 4 FP Cash
  • Replying to a Topic will earn you 2 FP Cash

Other popular methods of earning FP Cash include: Completing Post Exchanges with other members, Providing Graphics for people in the Graphics Exchange or taking part in some of the user-held competitions or even participating in the Official FP Lottery. Our “Forum Cash Exchanges” section is worth checking out if you’re after some quick and easy FP Cash.

Our Services

Services are ways we advertise you on the board. We have a wide variety of services available for you to use. Each service will have a sticky thread normally containing the guidelines for that service and the price. Our services are as follows:

  • Promotion Directory
  • Posting Packages
  • Community Reviews
  • Signature Advertising
  • Text Advertising
  • Featured Site
  • Community Spyglass

Our Team

On ForumPromotion, we have a number of teams that preform varying duties. Each team along with their respective duties are as follows:

  • Administrative Team – These blue smurfs take care of the day-to-day administration tasks of Forum Promotion.
  • Community Team – Serve as a happy face in the community, and are easily approachable if you should ever have any questions.
  • Development Team – This team of skilled developers creates and optimizes custom features for Forum Promotion.
  • Editorial Team – The Editorial Team is primarily responsible for maintaining two aspects of Forum Promotion: the Blog and the Review service.
  • The Package Team – The people in this group complete packages requested by the users

Should you need help with anything around the community, please post a topic in the “Community Matters” forum and a staff member or another user from the community will help solve the problem.

Forum of the Month and Site of the Month

Forum of The Month (FOTM) and Site of the Month (SOTM) is a contest in which the community votes for a submitted community, the winning community is given a Promotion Directory sticky topic as well as the winner attribute. Their board is also added to the spotlight section on our index. It consists of one global submission topic, and then one global voting topic. Specific rules for FOTM and SOTM can be found in the global announcement.

Posting Templates

In many of our forums and services, when posting a topic a template appears in the blank space. You need to fill this out so the correct information is given. All fields in all of our templates are necessary so please fill out the template with the correct information.

Staff and User Awards

Around the community, you will see icons in front of a users username. Each icon has a different reason for being awarded and below, you will see a list of the most used awards around the community.

 – This is awarded to the Community Team member of the month.

 – This is awarded to the Editorial Team Member of the month.

 – This is awarded to the Package Team Member of the month.

 – This is awarded to the Team Leader of the month.

Annual Staff and User Awards

Every year, we hold an “FP Awards” contest to award various users a medal! To see more details about the “FP Awards” and what each award means, click here.


This guide was written by Lucky and adapted by Cosmic.

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