Awards & Competitions

Forum of the Month & Site of the Month

Every month, Forum Promotion holds two competitions: forum of the month and site of the month. Entering these contests can be a great opportunity to promote your website or forum, by drawing extra attention to your site, and potentially winning prizes.

Each Forum / Site of the Month contest is divided into two separate parts, the submission period, which runs from the 1st to the 14th of each month, and the voting period, which runs from the 15th to the last day of the month. To enter the contest, you need to submit your site between the 1st and 14th. For more information on Forum / Site of the Month, visit the Official Contests forums.

Employee of the Month

EoTM is a contest which is held every month among the Forum Promotion Staff Team. Each month, the team leader of each team chooses the employee or employee who did best from that team, and the winner is given a ribbon on their posts, as well as free service passes.


  • ct Community Team Employee of the Month
  • dt Development Team Employee of the Month
  • et Editorial Team Employee of the Month
  • pt Package Team Employee of the Month
  • ac Admin Commendation
  • tl Team Leader of the Month Award
  • contest Contest Winner (including FoTM and SoTM)