Site-Wide Guidelines

We are glad to have you with us and thank you for taking a few minutes to read over our global rules. Forum Promotion is a free resource for users wishing to promote forums, websites or blogs. Over the years, we have become one of the biggest promotion forums out there. However, while we want you to have a great time on FP, using this board is a privilege that is granted under the assumption that you agree to follow our guidelines. Please take a moment to read through this topic. Thank you!

Global Rules

  • Use Common Sense – All posts must contribute productively to the conversation, and be written to the best of the author’s ability. We do not allow posts that contain spam, excessive swearing, rude comments, or inappropriate material. Avoid posting personal information such as your home address or phone number.
  • The spelling and grammar of your posts is not required to be perfect; however, we do ask that you post to the best of your grammatical abilities. In addition, while we’re not very strict when it comes to post quality, we ask you to please post at least one (1) sentence per post, and reframe from posting things such as “Bump”, unless you are playing a Forum Game.
  • Unsuitable Content – Any website that includes inappropriate content may not be discussed, linked to, or advertised on Forum Promotion. Unsuitable content includes the following:
    • Pirated or nulled software
    • Hacking (black hat and white hat)
    • Torrents and black hat SEO
    • Pornography
    • Non-English content
    • Misleading links, shock images, and shock videos
    • Content that targets hate on the basis of race, religion, or belief group
    • Anything else determined to be unsuitable
  • Only Advertise Where Allowed – Posting links to your site or affiliate links in off-topic areas is not allowed. Private messages and profile comments may not be used to advertise your website, forum, or thread. If you receive a PM that violates these rules, please report it. Private messages cannot be used until a user makes five (5) posts. Affiliate links may only be posted in the proper section of our Promotion Directory.
  • Multiple Accounts – Please make one account and stick to it. Any reputation, forum cash, etc. that is obtained from the use of multiple accounts will be removed. In extreme cases, all of your accounts may be banned from Forum Promotion. Ban evasion is not tolerated. Switching accounts may be allowed in special circumstances with the permission of an administrator. If you are using the same computer or IP Address as another member, please contact us prior to signing up to prevent any potential issues from arising.
  • Backseat Moderation – If you see a post that breaks the rules, please simply report it, rather than replying to the post. We appreciate that you want to help, and you can help us by reporting posts that break the rules; when users try to solve problems themselves, it often causes problems and arguments.
  • Signatures & Avatars – Both signatures and avatars may not contain inappropriate material and may be removed without warning. Signatures must have a total height of 150 pixels or less. That means that, including all images and text together, the signature’s total size may not exceed 150 pixels vertically. For staff members, valued contributors, and retired administrators, this limit is 200 pixels. Finally, no individual image in the signature may exceed 650 pixels in width. Example.
  • Constructive Feedback – We appreciate feedback on all of our services and operations. However, we can only consider ideas which are constructive and well-formed. Please be polite and constructive when leaving feedback to Forum Promotion, its staff, and to your fellow members.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Reputation may not be bought or sold.
    • Harassment is not allowed. This includes pestering via private message.
    • Exchanges can only involve websites which follow our suitable content rules (see above).
    • Complaints about any member should be made to the Community Team Leader. Complaints about any staff member should be made to the staff member’s Team Leader or to the Administrative Team.
    • Banned user’s websites may not be advertised on Forum Promotion.
    • Illegal activity such as scamming, hacking, and abuse is not tolerated.
    • Bumping old topics is allowed if you are the original poster or within ‘Non-Promotion’ and ‘Managing Online Forums and Websites’ categories. Avoid bumping too many old topics at once to prevent confusion.


Do you have any questions? If so, please contact the Community Team Leader or an Administrator.