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Member Spotlight – Dragonborn99

Welcome to the first segment in the new series I call “Member Spotlights.” In this series, we will interview different members of Forum Promotion, asking them questions about their experience in the community. I’ll be picking users throughout the forum randomly, so hopefully we can meet some great people! This week, we have dragonborn99! Dragonborn is currently the administrator of RPG Lounge and has around 1,700 posts here on Forum Promotion. He began working as an administrator last year on an old gaming website that has since shut down. In his free time, he enjoys writing, reading, gaming, and role playing. For interview purposes, I will be marked as “TF” and Dragonborn as “DB.”

TF: Hello! How long have you been on Forum Promotion?

DB: I have been on Forum Promotion since last year, August. I only began becoming active around the Christmas Holidays last year.

TF: Oh! I thought I remembered you from a long time ago! What keeps you coming back actively?

DB: It’d be the great community FP possesses and the awesome staff which are always active around the community, ensuring things are smooth around the forums. Forum Promotion is also a great place to aid with my forum.

TF: You say FP is a great place to aid your forum. What’s your favorite service?

DB: My favorite service? It’d have to be the reviewing service as it helps my forum get more members and I get to hear a professional opinion on my site and where improvement needs to be made. This service has helped me improve things I didn’t think could be improved.

TF: If you could join one staff team, which would it be and why?

DB: It would have to be the Package Team. The staff there seem like fun people and it’d be a great way to meet new people, not only on Forum Promotion but on the other forums you’d be helping as a packager.

TF: You know they’re hiring right now!

DB: Oh yes. It’s just that I’ve been busy as of late and not sure if I’d do very well with a packager.

TF: Completely understandable!

TF: Thanks for your time, man!

DB: No problem. Questions are always great.

Thanks for taking the time to read about Dragonborn! Be sure to check out his site, RPG Lounge, and stay tuned for our next Meet the Community member: Mikaya!

Awesome interview!
Thank you for the comment, I'm happy to know you enjoy the review service! :heart:
Wonderful interview, and I'm glad you enjoy our services DB! :)
  • Q
    Quacker Jack
  • July 6, 2014
Awesome interview! Thanks DB for all of the kind words! We are happy to have you around Forum Promotion!

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