Package Team

This page contains a profile with information on each of the package team members. This will allow you to request packagers who are familiar with your forum’s genre and will fit in with your community, which could mean better posts that fit in with your community. You can specify which team members you would like to complete your posts when requesting your package.

Please be aware that while we will do our best to accommodate all of these requests in a timely fashion, occasionally we may not be able to due to things like packagers being away, or leaving the team, etc. Thank you!

Strengths: General Discussions, Technology, Anime
Weaknesses: Health, Beauty

Strengths: General Discussion, Technology, Gaming, Politics, History, Religion, Music
Weaknesses: Anime, Sports, Graphic Design

Strengths: General Discussion, Technology, Gaming, Politics, Admin/promotion, Movies/TV
Weaknesses: Anime, Sports, Graphic Design

Strengths: General Discussion, Anime, Music, Movies and television, Social News, Current events, Technology, Politics, and Literature
Weaknesses: Promotion, Sports, Coding/Programming, Design, and religion

Strengths: General Discussion, Technology, Gaming, Politics, Literature, Admin/promotion
Weaknesses: Sports, Graphics, Programming, Religion