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Review written by Joshua Farrell

For those who generally need a little extra kick in their overall forum post and topic totals, one would tend to try to utilize post exchanges of any sort that they can go after. So what would this article be on? A posting exchange service that is one of the few that actually launched plenty of forums into activity. The service? Postloop.

What is Postloop?

Postloop is a website where you can actually do a number of things. First, you can exchange posts or comments with fellow forum and blog administrators. Second, you can earn money from posting on forums or blogs. Third, you can pay people to post on your forum or blog. That is the basics of Postloop.

Postloop was established in 2010.

So, now on to the review.

First Impressions

When I load Postloop, I notice a number of things as it loads. First, I see that they have a relatively uncluttered and “quick to inform you” type of menu. It has a home link, a “How it Works” link that leads you to the page that describes a little more of what the website is about, a register link, links for the type of websites that you can post on, which are forums and blogs, a link to their support board, and a login link.

Below, in the main area of their home page, you see two things, a description of what you can do if you are there to earn money, and a video. The video is informative, and it covers everything that one can do. The description on the other hand, only covers those who want to earn money, and you don’t find anything about exchanging posts, or anything for forum or blog owners. This can be improved if the owner wants less confusion when someone lands on the page, considering that first impressions are everything, and the site is supposed to be catering to everyone, not just those who want to earn from posting. Infact, how many people will watch an introductory video, if they are assuming that a website is about one thing, when it shows that it is dedicated around something else?

Under the above mentioned section, you then find under the video, the current posts exchanged through Postloop, which at the moment, is at an amazing 2,785,000 posts exchanged or earned! That is allot that had been posted! And that is allot of posts exchanged on generally any site in general! BUT, one would have expected more, even though they had only been running for 4 years so far. Still, that is pretty amazing to see that forum and blog owners were able to get that many posted for them, in the course of the site’s current age.

Now at the bottom, but not in the footer, you will find three boxed off areas. The first is for forum and blog owners, telling them what they can do at the website to get activity. That is great, but this could have been mentioned in the introductory area above this, next to the video! The second box shows a few reviews that were given of the site, but is mislabeled for what it is about. The third box shows news of the website, but doesn’t make mention of the 2.5 million posts that was earned through them.

Inside Pages

The How It Works page, tells you a little bit more on what can be done there, but entirely misses the third point of the site, which is the pure exchange aspect of it, which is I post on your site, you post on mine part of it.

At the bottom of that page, you will find links to more parts of the website, like a link to the FAQ.

Generally speaking, the menu system for everything isn’t exactly user friendly. I can see why people find it slightly difficult to work with, to figure out answers to stuff, without posting on their support board.

Their support board appears to be semi active, but could be more active, based on the number of users that are just registered on the support board.  It also appears as if the staff are not doing as much replying to various support related topics. I have been observing topics made, and not many of the questions have been answered by staff for some time. So this may be a worry, if the item is not deemed urgent by them.

Logged In Pages

For the most part, everything that is in the “My Dashboard” area is pretty good on what needs to be shown. It shows your average point per post, your overall rating, and some other important information.

When you go through the dashboard, it has a area that lists all of the forums or blogs that you have submitted to get posts on. Then you have the subscriptions page, which shows you which forums you have subscribed to, and the posts you did, along with the points. Next you have the messages page, where it shows you the conversations you had with fellow Postloop users. Then you have the ratings selections, which you can see the ratings you received, or had given out to others.

The deposits and withdrawals page allows you to either add points to your account via real money (if you are paying for posts), and it also allows you to withdraw points into real money too, via Paypal.

The referrals page, allows you to see all the users you had referred, and how much points you earned from them. For future note, they currently give you a 20% rate on the points your referrals earn or buy. They also have promotional graphics and such that has your referral link in it.

All of the stuff relating to this, is nicely organized; which I like to see. 🙂

Subscribing to Forums/Websites

The one thing I dislike about the forum and blog listing pages, is the fact that the list that is provided, is a long list. They don’t start the second page, till 100 forums/blogs are listed! Which makes the page seem even longer, due to the amount of information that is provided on the page! I believe these pages should be worked on just a little, to make the list seem shorter, yet still have the same number of listings on it.

Final Comments

Though I like the concept of the site, some of the things on it needs to either be changed, or more clear.  I think it is a great idea to allow people to use a service that basically lets you get members and posts, without spending a lot of time promoting! I also think it is a great idea for those who also want to earn money, by spending a little bit of time each day to post!

Though the biggest concern I had with the whole thing, is how the service appears from the beginning, and how some of the site is not user friendly.

I think that the website has even more potential, considering how few and far in-between websites like these are found on the internet! It is just, that if the owner wants to be able to provide a service that can provide a even better job at providing an exchange medium, he needs to make some changes that will let people find things much easier!

And that wraps up my review! I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Joshua Farrell is an Administrator of Forum Promotion, and a member of the Editorial Team that runs this blog. He can be reached on the forum of this website, via PM if you would like to suggest things to be added to the blog, or if you have any questions or comments in general in relation to the blog itself. He can also be reached by commenting on the articles he writes. Feel free to comment on any of his, or anyone elses’ articles.

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