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Google AdSense – What NOT to do!

Google AdSense is a mythical creature. Their policies are so long and technical, that it seems almost impossible to know for certain what you can and cannot do whilst using the service. This article will enable you to know some of the main reasons why AdSense accounts may get disabled, and help you prevent yourself from falling victim to an AdSense Employee that is having a bad day. Continue reading

Tips and Tricks for Promoting a Forum

So, let’s say you’ve just started a new forum. You’ve sorted out the theme, rules, sections and all that lovely stuff needed to kick start off the community. What is left to make it’s presence known? The members are yet to make their debut! The members are the very heart of any online forum, they keep it alive and running. You won’t get very far unless Continue reading

Welcome to Forum Promotion. What Now?

Welcome to Forum Promotion!

This article, is written in the hopes that you will better learn what you can do here at Forum Promotion. Granted, no article is fool proof, but I hope that you will learn something from this, and learn how to better accustom yourself to the community.

What is Forum Promotion?

Forum Promotion, is a forum dedicated in providing you access to services, that can better your forum, website and blog. How so? There are plentiful of services that are provided here, that if used correctly, will help you on your future endeavors to get out in the world of the internet!

What is Offered Here?

We offer the following to our users, provided by our staff: A Promotion Directory, a posting service called Posting Packages, Review Headquarters, Signature Advertising, Text Advertising, Featured Sites, Social Advertising, the Auction House, informational articles posted here on this blog by users and staff members alike, and many other things!

Each of the above, is provided by various teams, that are focused to filling each request! That is, except that of the blog staff. But that is a entirely different subject of discussion.

An another service that is available, but by your fellow users, is the Member to Member Exchanges. That is where you can buy or sell services or items. You can also participate in exchanges that can be mutually beneficial to both you, and the person you decide to participate with!

What Are Posting Packages?

Posting packages are an excellent way to get new content and members for your forum or blog! The trained Package Team delivers only the best posts, threads, and blog comments for your website or forum.

The requirements to request the packages are based on the package size, and are reasonable. Most forums and websites should be able to request most packages, unless they literally just opened, and do not have any content whatsoever.

But don’t let that prevent you from requesting this service! It should be easy to get the required amount of activity if you put in the time to get it!

What is The Review Headquarters?

The Review Headquarters, is where you can go to get feedback on your forum, blog or website. Here, you will get tips to improve it, and make it more appealing to your members and guests! The more thorough the review, the more they will give tips on what you can do to work on bettering your website!

What is the Signature Advertising?

The Signature Advertising, is a advertising service provided by Forum Promotion. It allows you to put a text ad into the signature of the Team Leaders of every team on the forum and the Administrators, for the length of a week. These Team Leaders and Administrators are an active part of the community, so your text ad gets seen quite the bit over the course of just an hour! This in itself can result in quite the few clicks in a week!

Who wouldn’t want to have this form of simple advertising, in the signatures of the people who do their best to make sure that the forum runs smoothly?

What is Text Advertising?

The Text Advertising service allows you to have an affiliate image, and a short description about your site displayed at the bottom of the forum for one (1) week.

This is located on the index of the forum. These ads generally on the average gets clicked on between 50 to 100 times in the course of the week that they are seen on the bottom of the index.

What is Featured Sites?

The Featured Site service allows you to have a screenshot of your site, along with a short description displayed next to the quick reply feature for one (1) week.

Generally speaking, this is seen by quite the number of pageviews. You will no doubt get plenty of visitors by using this prime spot in each topic!

What is Social Advertising?

The Social Advertising service allows you to have a message of your choice tweeted by Forum Promotion’s Official Twitter account. The tweet will permanently be added to our Twitter feed.

What is The Auction House?

The Auction House is where you will find various things you can get, if you have the Forum Cash for it. Mind you, this is a forum where you are bidding to get certain prizes, so you would need to have a recommended 1000-2000 FP to be able to usually win one of the prizes found in this board. Though from past experience, the more expensive the item via real cash that is offered (and a number of the items found in this board normally are sold for real cash), the more FP Cash you are expected to have to be able to win some of these prizes. So, if you expect to get something from here, please save up the Forum Cash you earn to be able to do so.

What is the Blog?

The blog, is what you are currently visiting.

Here at the blog, we have articles that can help you learn how to better your experience in running or making forums or websites. Right now, a large number of the articles have been contributed by previous staff members, current staff members, current and past members, and guest contributors of the forum.

Here at the blog, it is actually recommended that if you know how to do something, or you learned something from past experience, that you go ahead and submit an article to us, so that you can help others out!

The blog is supposed to be used as a resource for our members and guests. Without articles, this blog would be non existent! We rely on our members, just as much as our staff, to write articles for this blog. If you think that you can help out, you can submit. If not, you still can go ahead and provide comments on articles you are reading! After all, who wouldn’t like to get an article commented on, if it has helped someone, or it has good ideas, or just needs a few extra ideas to make a better article in the future?

The End

I hope you have enjoyed reading this! I hope this have given you an idea of what Forum Promotion offers to it’s users who decide to be a member here!

There are more things that are offered to our members here at Forum Promotion, and those items deal more along the lines of regular members helping other members out with things! I will be covering that in a future article! So stay tuned!

Promoting a Forum For Dummies

This article was first posted on our blog on 02/04/2009. For this reason, the information may be outdated and no longer reliable/correct.


Well, by reading the title, you can pretty much assume what this article is about: Me teaching you how to promote a forum. (The blind leading the blind, right?) :D I can tell you that every forum owner wants more members and posts, but barely any of them are trying! If you are interested in starting a forum, you have to look at where you want to be, find another forum owner that has met this goal, and ask yourself, “Can I do what this person has done to make their forum ‘great’?” If your answer is “no”, you should definitely reconsider opening your own forum.

Building the Castle

So, you decided that you wanted to start your forum, eh? Well, to start off, don’t ever make the forum in two-and-a-half minutes, go and advertise it, and then say you’ll do all the “minor stuff” later. I’m very sorrry to say that it just doesn’t work like that, because, the minor stuff matters more than a lot of new forum administrators think it does. Here are some things you may want to look over before getting your forum out to the public;

A Good Logo/Banner – Nobody likes to click on a link to a forum and see a banner made in MS Paint with Times New Roman as the font. >_> If you get to the point where you think you should open MS Paint to make your logo, you might as well not make one at all. There are many forums where you can request a good logo for your forum, and it normally just takes 2-3 days to get a result in.

A Decent Style – Nobody wants to visit a forum and see a style they have seen a million times in other places. First, never use the default style, as it makes you look really lazy if you can’t even change the style. Second, choose a unique style. My suggestion is to go to some less-known styling sites and choose a nice style that barely anyone uses! And if you still can’t find a good-looking unique style, it’d probably be worth the money to get a custom one made.

Awesome Grammar – Whether you like it or not, some people get really mad when they see a simple grammar mistake. If a member spots one, they will instantly dash to the Feedback forum and write an 8,000-word essay on why that mistake shouldn’t be there. (I hate it when they point out the problem in the middle of their post, so you have to read through the 4,000 unnecessary words to find out what the problem was.) So, why not get a spell check (*pokes Firefox*), or maybe even take the time to copy what you write into Microsoft Word? If that isn’t available, why not pull out some of your kids’ ol’ “School House Rock” videos and watch those?

The Layout of Greatness – Build a nice attractive layout where guests and new members can easily find what they are looking for, and navigate around the forum. Also, when starting off, remember to keep the amount of discussion forums to a minimum, probably ten forums at most. This makes navigation easier, and it makes your post count look bigger since a lot of topics belong in one area. If you start to see some type of topic become popular, you should then create another board for it.

Uniqueness – You don’t know how many times I have visited two forums that look exactly alike, and their forums are exactly alike. I’d suggest not looking at your competition until after you have made the layout of your forum, and you have applied your ideas. After you’ve done this, you can look at your competition, see what they have, and try to improve upon your own forum to make it better. Also, be creative, and create some unique titles and descriptions that users haven’t seen before. If another forum already has it, guests will most likely choose to join the one that has more posts and isn’t just starting off.


After you have looked over these and made sure everything is in tip-top shape, you should invite some of your friends in to post a little bit on your forum, and give it a little boost before it opens up. You can also choose one or two of these users to be your starting Moderators, which will also keep them active to show you have some activity.
Open The Gates…Loudly

There are a lot of ways to start advertising, and when you start, I’d suggest getting your forum known everywhere, by registering to a bunch of forums, adding the link in your signature, and making a bunch of posts. This is probably the best way to start promoting a forum, as it shows you are willing to be apart of the community, which makes people more comfortable with joining your site.

Some of the other ways that you can promote your site when you are first starting:

Advertising Forums – This is probably one of the most-known ways to advertise. Go to a resource forum, order a couple of services, and it is really a great way to get a boost for your forum. Also, advertising forums are probably some of the best places to become active and get members through your sig. Becoming a staff member at one of these places can get you a lot of attention.

Make Friends – A lot of people that are going to join your forum are the people that already know you, just because they are more comfortable with it. You should bring your site up in normal conversation, without directly telling them to join. Maybe share one of the experiences you have had while building the site, and what has been fun about it. You never know, they may become interested.

Post Exchanges – When I say Post Exchanges, a lot of people think of a 5 for 5 post deal, which is what most Post Exchanges are. But what I am suggesting is long-term post-exchanges. This is a way to get you a guaranteed post increase, even if it is just 20 posts each week for each other. Something like this could lead to 1000 posts a year if you exchange a decent amount, and if you don’t like it, you can always stop it any time you want.

Any of the ideas above could help you start out your forum, and I highly suggest that you use all of them to start off.
Don’t Let Them Escape!

Once you’ve gotten a couple of members, you will then realize it is very difficult to get a lot of them to stay. A good way to keep new members active is to send them a PM asking a little bit about them, and maybe referring to a couple of the posts they have made. Ask for their IM address, E-Mail Address, and try to start a discussion about something. If you keep the discussion going, they will come back to continue to respond.

Another great way to keep members active is to start a non-promotional contest (which means referral contests or posting contests should not be made at this time), something like a “Most Creative Contest” or “Wallpaper Contest”, it really all depends on what the topic of your forum is. If they have an area for it, always remember to go and post about this contest on a couple of ad/promotion forums. Members will always read and reply to these to get their post count up, and they can actually get you more attention than a general advertisement topic would.
Keeping Things Awesome

Once you are getting a decent amount of posts per day, it’s time to continue to keep your forum going by doing everything you can to increase your member count, using some of the following suggestions:

Continue Advertising – Continue to put your link in as many places as possible. The more places you put your links, the easier it is for a search engine to find you, and your link is still being displayed for someone to click it!

Get Your Forum Reviewed – Get a Review to tell you how your forum is doing every once in a while. This can be a great way to get some good advice on your forum, and what you are doing wrong. When you do decide to reveiw, you should get a review from three to four different places rather than one, that way you are getting lots of feedback from different users, who have different views on your forum. If two or more of the reviewers all point out a problem, it definitely needs to be fixed.

Submit to Topsites – Submit your site to a topsite, and encourage your members to vote for it every day. If you can get enough votes to put you on the top, you can get a lot of incoming traffic. ;)

Hire Some Staff – You shouldn’t hire staff members too often, but once you get some need for it, you should open an announcement stating that you will be selecting some new staff members, and will be accepting applications. Have the application process last for about two weeks and you’d be amazed at how much the user’s activity will increase.

– You should affiliate with as many sites as possible that fit the same style as you, and if you get the chance, why not affiliate with some larger forums? Becoming an affiliate with someone is completely free, and it only takes a little bit of time to set up an affiliate with someone.
Closing Notes

Well, that is pretty much all I have to write for this article. If you think this article should be improved, please send me a PM on the forums and I may edit in your idea, along with leaving you credit in the article! Thanks for reading!

~ Carsonk, Ex-Packages Team Leader

Forum Administration – The Comprehensive Guide!

This article was first posted on our blog on 11/02/2011. For this reason, the information may be outdated and no longer reliable/correct.

This question has been on the lips of webmasters and forums owners all around the world. I often get direct messages on twitter asking how its done, but 140 characters is never enough!

All content here is learned from past experience. I’ve been a webmaster since the age of 9, ran 4 forums and been staff on 6. I’m helping everyone here by sharing my experiences!

So let’s begin. In this post, you’ll read about the following:-

  • Kicking off your forum with the right attitude.
  • How to effectively publicize your forum.
  • Generating original posts and threads to get users involved.
  • Effective forum group permissions (only for older forums).

1. Personality, perspective and motivation.

The one mistake I see when people begin a forum is in it for the cash. Forums won’t tend to make money from the get go. Guides you read elsewhere are written by people who have started a forum in a brand new niche, and people responded well to it.

Running a forum is much like growing a flower. It takes time, care and attention. Those looking for a quick solution to an empty wallet, I’m sorry but this guide isn’t for you.

When starting a forum, many people will have a massive drive to make it successful. You spend all of your free time making posts and promoting it, but many people lose this very quickly. Many have risen to the challenge and not many came out of it at the other side, and I’m no exception. I helped run the Discussion Bulletin Board, it had great potential and over 1000 active posts a week.

This guide will help you to make the most out of your forum and having the most fun from it in the process! Everybody can learn something new, so older webmasters will get tips from this too!

2. It’s all about appearance.

From now ( dot dot dot dot) to now. That’s all the time you have to make a first impression. I see so many people with great forums but have an awful theme. Many webmasters will have spent a lot of time on their forums, meaning they would have gotten used to it and don’t pay much attention to it.
New users? Not so much. If they load your page and see the default logo, MySQL errors all over the place and thousands of spam threads, say goodbye to a returning user!

After research I conducted personally (through a psychology project for college), ~60% of the people I asked judge the content of a website on it’s appearance. This means that your theme and in some cases your MODs* possess the crucial seconds you need to convince a user that your forum is worth going to.

* This is for people who have a shoutbox and Topic Notifications installed. Meaning that every new thread is shouted, so if you have spam your shoutbox is full of spam threads/shouts.

So how do you optimize your appearance for others? Well I’ll tell you!

  • Custom Logo (Just request one on FP!)
  • Custom Theme (More expensive but worth it)
  • Uncommon but good MODs.
  • Unique niche (so your threads aren’t common!)

The last point above links in to the next section, so if you’re confused now, don’t worry!

3. Content, content, content!

First off, I’ll define niche for those quote don’t know:

A focus within a particular area, which is either popular or unpopular. This works to an advantage, as you can tap into a resource already producing results, or begin a trend and get results from the start!

For those who have experience in administrating a forum, but not so much posting in it, this is for you. I’m tired of seeing people not posting on their own forum, yet paying extravagant amounts of money paying others to do it for them!

Generating content is the most strenuous part of running a forum. I’m not going to lie to you, it gets slightly boring when you have 200 threads but only 26 posts. It’s demotivating, but that’s where post exchanges come in! I’ll go into that later on though.

Creating original threads that don’t make you look like you’re copying every forum is hard work. I often look round forums whilst browsing FP (just out of curiosity, I’m a natural born geek and I love to spy on others progress and look at page sources when I find an interesting feature) and see that many have the same “Favourite song?”, “Favourite sport?” etc. You get the idea. Forums nowadays are filled with generic content, and it gets boring! People are always out looking for excitement and something new. So why not be the next Facebook? The next Youtube? The next Myspace? Well maybe not Myspace, but you get the picture.

Try and research before buying a domain. Your domain is the 1st protocol, the first thing a user will read before looking at your site. If you have reeetylsswr.co.cz it’s not going to look too attractive. Whereas is you look at a site such as Facebook.com; the name is genius and relates directly to the content. This is EXACTLY what you want to be achieving.

Whilst doing your research:

Make sure that you write down a variety of niches. You need to compare what’s available and what you can achieve greatly in. Nobody wants to come to a forum where the owner hasn’t got the first clue about what he’s writing about. It’s like going to a gaming forum and the owner being 95 and asking if the new Gameboy Colour has come out yet. Yes, for those wondering I still play pokémon on my GBC.

You need to then write down a list of preferred domain names. Try and make a header/box with preferable/necessary words for the domain, and base your ideas around those. I spent around 3 days researching just for my domain alone, and ended up running the financial side of the Discussion Bulletin Board. This is literally the extend people go to to make successful forums, so if you get it right from the start you’ll be fine!

Creating activity around the forum, and keeping it there!

This is most likely going to be the most read part of this article. I ran a poll a few weeks back and this was requested, so for those who wanted it, here goes!

Activity. The most bewildering factor when it comes to starting and running a forum. As I said in the introduction, I have around 3 – 4 direct messages on Twitter daily asking me how it’s done.
Webmasters the world over have written guides on how it’s done, but I assure you these are my tips and I’ve seen them in action.

First I’ll list an overview, and go into detail later on:

  • Turn your cap backwards, relax!
  • Everybody’s equal!
  • Nobody likes spam, get nutritional!

Turn your cap backwards, relax!

Strict modding of forums is a major downside. Many people look for a place to hang back and relax. So why remove loads of posts or warn people constantly when they’re having fun?
Obviously warning/removing racial or hate content is the exception, but swearing isn’t exactly murder so don’t treat it like it is! Everybody needs to let off steam, so let them do it online where they’re comfortable and you’ll see the posts come rolling in. If you create what is essentially a Youth Center but online, you’ll become popular in no time at all. I used to be a GMOD (Global Moderator) on a popular hacking forum (won’t mention the name) and they allowed anything up to and leading to swearing in all manners. People were happy to post, argue and debate all over the board because they could act like themselves on the board as if they were talking in real life.

Everybody’s equal!

This has to be the most annoying part of any forum; the admin who thinks he’s superior to everybody else because he runs the site. People will often leave the site if they think their opinions are not valid, or that they are just posting to keep the staff happy and not because they truely want to.
When I ran my first forum, I took the attitude that it was an honour to have each member. In my opinion, every admin should take the same approach and should come to realize that a forum is nothing without its members. So if you come across as too arrogant, try loosening up and letting people have their say. Take all suggestions into consideration, because if 1 person wants something, I can guarantee more people will want it too.

Nobody likes spam, get nutritional!

This witty one liner made me laugh when I ripped it from my overly active mind.
People won’t want to come to a board covered in ads, the Admins hoarding 352094492 links in their sigs and posting 1 word answers to increase their post count. Generating discussion amongst members is the easiest way you can increase your post count and keep the members there! They will want to constantly keep checking their threads to see if new replies have been made, and then post again. It’s a cycle, but not one of the vicious kind.

To create such discussions, try and avoid religious or moral discussions. These will almost always turn in flame threads where members have arguments and turn out very badly. So badly that members reading the thread may consider you to be a slacking MOD and turn their back on the forum. So take the first point above into consideration, but keep a careful eye out.

4. Advanced administration – Forum Viewing Permissions

This is just a short section to give people a tip that not many new admins use. Allowing guests to read threads when the forum is new is important. They will want a reason to come back to your forum, and won’t want to if they feel like they’re being forced into doing something they may regret later on. I mean, as a user you never know who has your email address. Why give it out more than you should have to?

When you start to get regular activity (I’d say more than 20 active members, deny guests the right to read threads. Much like myself, they will most likely check out the forum stats before they leave. If they see that you have an active member base they’ll be tempted to see what all the fuss is about. This is the critical point where all the tips above come into play!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this lengthy guide, it’s taken me 4 days to write and I’ve stayed awake till 1am GMT tonight to finalize it!

If anybody has any questions, be they elaborations on points above or additional information, give me a PM or post below!

Why Promotion Forums Are Completely Worthless … To You!

Do you have enough fingers to count all the times you’ve seen people chanting the same mantra over and over again–“Promotion forums don’t work”? I know that I don’t! The users chanting this mantra, though, are the ones who are using promotion forums incorrectly. Even the most effective services in the world can be worthless to you if you don’t use them correctly!

First of all, using promotion forums exclusively to advertise your site is not a good idea. Promotion forums, like anything else, are merely a resource. Promotion forums are meant to complement your other efforts. Promotion forums, however, can also be a proxy that connects you to other resources. Promotion forums double both as a resource and a gateway to other resources. Promotion forums can lead you to other tools you can use to promote your web site such as other promotion forums, forums that have a similar genre, directories, topsites, search engines, etc. Searching the discussion sections on a promotion forum can give you a lot of tricks to use to promote your site.

One of the greatest myths that exist is that you can’t get long-term active members from promotion forums. I know first-hand that this is untrue because I have gotten long-term active members from promotion forums before. While members who will be willing to post for a very long time rarely show up on your site out of the blue, promotion forums are great places to meet other people who are interested in forums. If you sustain a good amount of activity on a promotion forum, you can sometimes make friends with some of the regulars. This may cause them to want to check out your site! Making friends is a great way to get active members! Friends make great active members for your forum; they are generally less disruptive because they respect you and your rules. If you are active on a promotion forum for an extended period of time, provide helpful responses, etc., then you will almost certainly gain at least one or two active members on your site!

Promotion forums can also be used to gain tips on what works as far as promotion goes. While promotion forums are mostly made up of newer administrators, there are some administrators on promotion forums who have attained a reasonable level of success. Many of these administrators post tips on promotion forums in order to help the “little guys.” The search feature on promotion forums will be an invaluable resource to any new, aspiring administrator.

Furthermore, it is important to be sure that your forum is marketable. Many of the people who chant the mantra–“Promotion forums don’t work!”–are the same people who run forums that have been done billions of times before. If there are way too many large, established forums with the same niche as your forum, then it may be time to come up with a new idea that is more marketable.

As you can see, promotion forums can be useful in some ways provided that you’re willing to get your hands dirty. Too many people simply post up a basic promotion thread and expect their sites to grow exponentially within the week. It doesn’t work like that; you have to be willing to get out there, talk to people, follow advice, and improve your forum for the better. It’s not easy; nobody ever said that it is. However, the progress you see will be directly proportionate to the amount of effort you invest.


This article was first posted on our blog on 31/05/2010. For this reason, the information may be outdated and no longer reliable/correct.

How to Build a Successful Forum [PART ONE]

This article was first posted on our blog on 28/02/2011. For this reason, the information may be outdated and no longer reliable/correct.

The Beginning
When creating a new forum, it’s pivotal that you test to see if every aspect of the forum is working smoothly. I’ve been on many forums where certain features are failing to work; it deters me from joining the forum. If one of your members reports a certain “fault,” you, as the owner of the site, needs to fix the fault as soon as possible and make sure the fault has been fixed; it really shows your members that you care and that you have time for your forum. When I created my first site, my members found error after error; I didn’t know how to fix these problems at first. I spent hours trying to fix these problems, but I couldn’t find a fix until I found a site which gave me all the answers to my problems.

The first thing you should do is let others know that your forum exists. The chances of members finding your forum, signing up, and posting without advertising it anywhere is very slim. Promote everywhere you can. Of course, you won’t see results within the first couple of days, but over a more extended period of time, you will see results. There are tons of great promotion websites out there; use them at every chance you can get. Don’t miss the chance to get extra traffic.

Custom Logo’s
A custom logo for your site is a great way to make your site original. For example, check out advertisehotspot.info/’s logo. Whenever I see that logo, I tend to think within seconds, “Advertise Hotspot.” It’s catchy and original, and it makes the site look professional. A custom logo isn’t a must, but it’ll make your site more unique and original.

Choosing staff members is a crucial part of making your forum successful. You shouldn’t choose the first person who signs up on your forum; wait a bit, and then choose your staff. You must trust your staff. More importantly, they must know what they are doing. Hiring someone as a writer when his/her grammar is awful, is not an ideal thing to do. Similarly, hiring someone as a moderator when he/she is online for five minutes per week is not a good idea. Your staff members must be committed to your forum and willing to help out.

Thank you reading my first blog as part of the Content Team. I hope that you enjoyed it. Remember, this is only part one; there are still two more parts to come, so stay tuned. :)

Basic SEO Techniques

This article was first posted on our blog on 18/03/2011. For this reason, the information may be outdated and no longer reliable/correct.

Welcome to the wonderful world of SEO! It’s a vast, active collection of webmasters who are striving to better their site. They have Google Page 1 listings, active search results and thousands of organic (search engine) visits daily.

SEO divides in two sections. BlackHat and WhiteHat. Many users that offer scripts (such as above) have used BlackHat methods and have suffered for it. Google and Bing remove their listings, and they have to start over again.

Blackhat is using techniques such as spamming and forced listings. Whitehat are legal and approved ways such as backlinks.

There is no quick solution to SEO. It takes time and effort, it can sometimes be costly (depending on whether you do it yourself or through a professional SEO company) but you will nearly always come out from it better off if you go about it the right way.
Here are some basic SEO tips that all users should follow before attempting to advertise:

• Find a source of .edu and .com blogs that offer dofollow links. Post insightful and good comments (more likely to get accepted) and ensure that you ping them back.

• Use relevant forums to advertise your link. Spamming it around can lead to blackmarking or banning from the forums, so simply put it in your signature with anchor text and post around! Post good quality content that relates directly to your niche. For example, if you were advertising a script website, you would go to a web development forum and post a detailed article with your link in your signature.

• Submit your sites to premium link directories every day. These are high ranking sites that offer you the chance to better your search engine rankings. Here are a few links to help you start your SEO journey:

DigitalPoint Directory Solicitations (Free and Paid)
Directory Critic
LinksAdmin Directory List

You can find more by watching these lists grow and simply Googling around!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this basic step into the world of SEO, more will follow!

Forum Revenue – Get your investment back!

This article was first posted on our blog on 30/04/2011. For this reason, the information may be outdated and no longer reliable/correct.

For the majority of people, money is a ruling aspect of life. Forums and blogs are set up commonly nowadays, mainly for the founder to earn from in the long run. I’m a long time user of AdSense, earning a monthly amount to pay for apartment rent, bills and food, so I’m going to give you some pointers on how to increase your earnings.

1. Intruder alert!

Nothing is more annoying than popups, am I right? You click a link, and a random web page that is of no interest appears and you’re left with a decision:

“Is the content worth fighting hordes of spam, or do I look elsewhere?”

A common mistake with rookies is attacking the users for revenue at every possible moment whilst they’re browsing. If you’ve ever read articles on ad placement, take the information in. It helps,it works and the pay check speaks for itself.

Another extremely annoying ad which instantly causes me to close a tab/site, are overlaying ads. This is where you are forced to look at an ad for a certain amount of time before clicking skip and looking at the content.

An example would be adf.ly links. I personally have a script (my own writing) which stops me from reading the ads and links me directly to the content. I hate them, and from what I’ve gathered over a few years of research in advertising, is that I’m not alone.

The best way to get and maintain traffic to your site is to limit the number of ads to a sensible and comfortable amount. By all means use intrusion ads if your site gets HIGH amounts of traffic no matter what, but don’t go starting a new forum with an intrusion ad on the viewtopic file… They’re horrid.

2. Choose your placement

There are thousands of articles online to help webmasters place their ads carefully and reasonably.

Each site is different, but you have to take a few things into account:

– Base your ads around your content. There’s no point in having footer ads if your footer is only accessible by scrolling down unnecessarily. So if the majority of your content is in the middle of your page, base your ads around there.

– Blending isn’t all that important, hidden links don’t work as well (in my experience) as well as contrasting colours. People will notice your links more if they contrast, but it’s good to experiment!

– Images (for me) seem to work better than text or link. The majority now are flash/moving, which is more appealing to the eye. Combined with good placement you’ll be rolling in cash.

Traffic Exchanges – Good or Bad?

This article was first posted on our blog on 09/06/2009. For this reason, the information may be outdated and no longer reliable/correct.

After reading this topic on the forum, it has made me think about how well it works for forums.

I have used many traffic exchanges over the years to promote many things. I have used them to promote forums and overall the results have been poor in my time using them. When browsing one of them and if you actually look at the sites you will notice that they are all mainly 1 type of sites being promoted. They are money making sites. Whether they are sites selling “make $1,000,000 in 24 hours” books or just Pay To Click (PTC) sites, they are all similar types of sites. People mainly use them to promote affiliate links in order to allow them to make money and build their downlines. People also use them to promote other traffic exchanges, as it is a good promotion technique. If people are using 1 traffic exchange they would be interested in other potentially better ones. That is similar to the people surfing. They mostly all share an interest of making money on the internet. That means that they like looking for other ways to make money. I personally have got quite a few referrals from traffic exchanges for PTC sites that I am part of.

Now on to the forum part. Because of the people that use these type of sites, you won’t get good results really when promoting forums using them. Yes you may get a few members over a long period of time, but for the effort it is not really worth it. There are alot of better ways to promote your forum and get much better results. Overall, it is not a good way to promote forums, although it can be good if you are part of any site where you make money. One way to judge if a promotional method is good is to look around and look at what types of people visit and what they would be interested in mostly. If it doesn’t match what you are promoting, then it might not be worthwhile to use or spend too much time using.

Hope this helps. Feel free to comment below!