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Site Battles Madness – Interview with Pandaa

Sorry for the delay on the second interview regarding the Site Battles in our March Madness, replies to the interviews took longer than expected.

I would like to thank Pandaa for agreeing to this interview. He is part of the Community Team, and helped monitor the site battles.

The questions I asked, are in bold. His responses are italicized.

Out of all of the announcements in the March Madness, which were you excited for?

I was very excited for the reordering of the forum to finally be put into place. It was long overdue and we put so much time and effort into making it happen. I’ve always felt like FP was confusing to newcomers, and condensing the board should help a little bit more in the future.

What was your duty or role in the Site Battles?

I helped with setting up the battles in most of the rounds, and I was in charge of paying people for their votes. The whole tournament wouldn’t run without Jack, that’s for sure. However, I know he’s a pretty busy guy and so I just tried to be there for anything that he might not have had time for!

Out of all the site battles that you observed while it was going, which did you enjoy the best?

Tough question! I really enjoyed the Open Carnage vs. Atrium Forum debate. I didn’t know it at the time obviously, but it ended up essentially being this year’s winner vs. last year’s winner. If I’m not mistaken, it ended up with the most total votes in any battle as well (84 votes!).

Which forum do you think had the potential to win but didn’t, due to various circumstances?

I’d have to say FeedbackExchange. Going against a forum like Open Carnage is going to be tough in any round, but FE made it so far in the tournament without so much as a challenge. Sinon has created a really nice forum, and just to make it to the final four out of all the sites on FP is quite the accomplishment. :)

For those sites or forums you voted for, what did you personally use as a judge to vote for those you voted for?

I mainly used the site’s activity and my first impression of it to gauge who was the winner. I can’t really think of a time where there wasn’t a clear winner, in my mind.

I noticed your forum got into the second round of voting, what do you think could have helped your forum out, in the second battle that you ended up loosing?

I really haven’t put much time into my site in quite a while. I need to restart it back up again, but I’d say activity was probably my biggest downfall.

Which forum would you have liked to go against, out of the forums that were in the battle?

Hmm, not sure exactly! Any gaming site other than Open Carnage? Hahaha!

When next year rolls around, do you think you would like to participate in the Site Battles again, either as a participant, or as staff?

Definitely! As long as I’m around, you can expect me to have a part in it!

I am thankful for the time spend for this interview. 🙂

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below!

Site Madness Battles – Interview with Tucker933

The Site Madness Battles were pretty good, and as such I have decided to interview a number of the people involved, that either got a placement in the top 3-4, had the best battle, or were staff that helped run the battle. You will see a number of interviews being posted over the upcoming week or two, in relationship to those who were involved, that agreed to do an interview for you all!

To start off the Interviews being posted, I have decided to start off with the winner of the Site Madness Battles Continue reading

Open Carnage – Review Spotlight

Open Carnage
Full Review by Jadster

You can access Open Carnage to see for yourself what it looks like, by clicking here.


Image First Impressions & Appearance – (13 out of 20)
Let me start of this review by giving out my personal thoughts on Open Carnage. When I visited OC, I was a bit confused as to what OC was all about. I looked at just the theme and banner but could not figure it out at all. The banner / logo really confused me as to what the site was about but after I read the blue box underneath the header, then I found out what OC was all about and realized it was a gaming related website. Personally, I found that a bit disappointing that I had to read a notice to find out what the site was about. If anything, I would say that your banner / logo should represent your website & have some sort of inclination as to what your site is about. This way, people won’t have to go and read to find out what the site is about. Looking at your theme, for a gaming website, I feel that a dark theme was a good choice as you don’t see very many light themed gaming sites that work well but I feel that a dark theme works best for gaming websites. The color of your logo seems very nice but with a space background behind it is what threw me off because I didn’t see how that connected with gaming in any way. Overall, I feel that the banner / logo should show more about what OC is about and you could add a bit more to the theme to help with that as well. So, let’s move onto the Site Layout of Open Carnage!

Image Site Layout – (15 out of 20)
Let’s look at the site layout of Open Carnage now. When looking at your categories & boards, I can say that they are pretty well organized. You have a good amount of categories and a good amount of boards in each of those categories to keep them filled up and keep things spread out so you don’t have too many boards in a category or too few. As for navigation around OC, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the navigation. It is very easy and simple to navigate and find things around OC. So overall, I do not see what is wrong with your site layout and your site organization is good. And again, navigation through the website is very simple and easy. So let’s move onto the next part of your review, the statistics & activity.

Image Statistics and Activity – (16 out of 20)
As it stands, Open Carnage has 50,926 posts but the amount of threads are unknown. You also have 305 members which if we were to average those numbers, you would have about 167 posts per user which is a great number! With that many members with an average of that many posts per user, that is outstanding! By far, this is the highest Post per User ratio I have ever seen by far. Looking at the activity though, it is hard to tell how active people are because you have the time limit as “In the past 30 minutes”, so it is hard to rate how your activity is when it is reset every 30 minutes. But looking at the stats every 30 minutes, with 14 guests & 2 members, that is great activity for Open Carnage. But again, without a larger window, it is hard to tell the activity of your website. Overall, I think that the stats & activity are by far one of the biggest positives of Open Carnage by far, so let’s move onto the content of your website!

Image Content – (16 out of 20)
Looking at the content of Open Carnage, I would have to say that your website holds a lot of good, quality content. With all the members that you have and all the posts, your content is skyrocketing through the roof along with the stats. But after reading some of the content that is posted around Open Carnage, I can tell that a good amount of time is put into the content to make it very detailed and provide quality information to the community of Open Carnage. I read several threads in the News Room and each and every thread that I read had quality information and each one had links back to the original source which is very professional. Showing where the information originally came from instead of ripping it off of them makes the site show professionalism. So overall, I would have to say that the only thing that brings down your site content would be small posts, such as 1 liners or single words. If you can minimalism that, you will get much higher and go much further with Open Carnage. So let’s move onto the last bit of this review, the professionalism and spelling / grammar of OC.

Image Spelling/Grammar & Professionalism – (16 out of 20)
Looking at Open Carnage and all the content that I read through, your site has some great content and the spelling / grammar was near perfect but wasn’t there just yet but that is to be expected, nothing is ever perfect. By far, the best grammar & spelling came from the staff members which isn’t a huge surprise. Most of your members are good with spelling & grammar in their posts but every now and then there are errors which isn’t a huge deal to be honest. And looking at how professional your site is, seeing how active your staff are and how proper their posts are, they are very professional with what they do. They make your website look very professional which in the end will help benefit your website in the long run. This will keep members around and bring new ones in as well. So overall, I would have to say your site is very professional and your site has great grammar & spelling by far. So that is all for this review, now let’s finish this up with my final remarks & your strengths & weaknesses.

Total Score – (76 out of 100)


Final Remarks:
Open Carnage was a great site to get the time to review. I enjoyed taking the time to review Open Carnage and getting to read some of the threads and articles you posted, especially in the News Center. So by far, this was a very interesting gaming website to review to say none the less. But anyways, thank you very much for requesting a review here at FP and I hope to be able to review OC again in the future!

Image Strengths:

Stats & Activity

Image Weaknesses:

Site Logo / Banner