Forum Revenue – Get your investment back!

This article was first posted on our blog on 30/04/2011. For this reason, the information may be outdated and no longer reliable/correct. For the majority of people, money is a ruling aspect of life. Forums and blogs are set up commonly nowadays, mainly for the founder to earn from in the long run. I’m a… Continue reading Forum Revenue – Get your investment back!

Premium Membership

Premium Membership can be a successful earning for your forum, paying the bills and keeping the lights on. WebHostingTalk premium membership runs at $49.95 annually, VIP membership is just $15/ 6 months and some forums offer lifetime membership (two large Mybb forums offer Premium for $18/ life). The difficulty is finding the compromise between… Continue reading Premium Membership

Interview with Jordan Howard

Could you tell us a little about who Jordan Howard is? Well, obviously my name is Jordan Howard . I live in northern Ontario, Canada. I love being Canadian and sometimes like to think it is one of my best attributes (I like to make sure everyone knows I’m Canadian)  I currently own a network of websites,… Continue reading Interview with Jordan Howard

Earning from Forums (Part 2)

In the first article, I looked at the issues associated with earning money from your forum and Adsense as a solution to this. In this article, I will explore Private Advertising. Private advertising is where buyers purchase ad spaces “directly” from the buyer (but often using a marketplace middleman). They may purchase a set amount… Continue reading Earning from Forums (Part 2)