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Tips to Increase Your Traffic (for Free!)

This is something nearly everyone wants to do, whether you have a website, blog, or forum. Increased traffic leads generally to more revenue from your advertisements, increased community engagement, and, if you have something interesting on your site, more people who will return for information in the future. Once you get the traffic flowing, it tends to grow off of itself as long as you continue to provide good content and/or services. But the problem most of us face is how to get that initial traffic going. Continue reading

Spillit – Full Review Spotlight

Full Review by Lucky!

You can access Spillit to see for yourself what it looks like, by clicking here.

I would like to preface one thing, and it’s kind of good. I was looking through Spillit for 30 minutes before starting this review and I would like to state that this review may not be too long for the reason being that there really isn’t much to comment on and because I cannot find a lot of things that warrant a negative score. However, I will try my hardest to make this full review somewhat long, kinda.


Image First Impressions & Appearance – (18 out of 20)

Before I start, I would like to say that I had been on Spillit before and have always been fond of the overall look and appearance of the layout. Starting with the navigation, everything is laid out really well and I like the shade of blue that you have chosen for the background color. We have a couple of links that lead to different areas of Spillit, which I would expect. Going down, we have some sort of welcoming area that gives a quick synopsis of what Spillit is and gives the guest a quick way to create an account, which is really important in hooking guests. Keep scrolling and we see yet another area that lists some of what Spillit has to offer and links to those parts of the site that allows guests to get a chance to explore before signing up. I really like this approach because the same thing works in selling items, if they customer can touch it and hold it, they are the most likely to purchase. Nearing the bottom, we get a really easy and quick form to fill out should one want to register an account. Overall, when I first load up Spillit, I am very happy with how everything looks and it makes me want to stay and look around mainly because I know exactly what Spillit is about, because it’s right on the homepage. The colors work really well with each other and everything just flows together for an overall great first impression! I like what you did here!

Image Site Layout – (18 out of 20)

Now, I would like to say that this section is going to be fairly brief. The reason being, there really isn’t much to comment on. The navigation bar consists of four links, excluding the login and register, that users would use often if they were already logged in. This enables users to quickly jump between pages without having a lot of links to choose from. What you have left on Spillit are the different pages that users can view, such as the live feed and their own page where I am assuming their answers would feed. What I like about the lack of pages is the fluidity that comes with a simple site layout. You have pages for the basic things that make Spillit tick and then the standard links in the footer. Aside from that, that’s all there is in terms of pages. I really like this part of Spillit, it’s, and I have to say it like this, it’s stupid easy to navigate. Everything just makes sense, and I just have to commend you on that. You did a really, really nice job on making sure everything has a place and that it’s easy to get to.

Image Statistics and Activity – (18 out of 20)

Upon looking all over, I was unable to find any type of statistics section to inquire about users or their posts. However, one thing that I was able to look at was the live feed, which was just buzzing with new content being shown. As I am typing this section, I am looking to my other monitor, which has Spillit shown, the live feed just continues to update with new content, which shows that your users are active and are posting answers a lot. Since I don’t have much to go by regarding stats, I will have to stop here. However, from what I can see, very nice job activity wise.

Image Content – (18 out of 20)

Again, there really isn’t much to touch on here. All of your content is user generated which always has some drawbacks. However, I find this area of the review hard to properly fill out mainly because the genre allows for short little blurbs of content to other users, I mean that’s what it here for. I wouldn’t expect full on content on Spillit just because that’s not what it’s meant for. It’s more of a confessions box that you can share what you think about someone either anonymously or not. Because of this, I will leave this area rather brief because there isn’t much to talk about. The genre doesn’t allow, and it’s not a bad thing, a lot of content to be posted that could be rated on the quality and quantity of content and so on as much as you would on a blog or a forum.

Image Spelling/Grammar & Professionalism – (20 out of 20)

Apart from user generated content, which isn’t bad on Spillit, everything looks great. I looked over all of your pages linked in the footer and used software to look them over and we both cannot find anything to correct. I can tell you took the time to read over what you wrote on these pages before publishing them. I like when webmasters do this because it shows they took the time required to fully look everything over in detail before showing the public. Again, not much to touch on.

Total Score – (92 out of 100)

Final Remarks:
I really love what you have going on here with Spillit. Everything is very well done and it shows that you have taken emense time to make sure everything not only works like it should, but the attention to detail is amazing. Thank you for allowing me to look over Spillit and I hope you enjoyed!

Image Strengths:

– The overall theme
– How everything is laid out – it just makes sense

Image Weaknesses:

– To be 100% honest, I really cannot think of one.

Zadoxis Social Media Services – Review Spotlight

Full Review by Twisted Fairytale

As a forenote, I want to say that I expect this review to be unfortunately short. I have looked over Zadoxis thoroughly and I have nothing but praise and a few suggestions. I remember that Cody and I spoke a little, and he asked me to look for things that he could “do differently.” Honestly, there isn’t much, but let’s see! In addition, the Statistics and Activity section has been removed due to the inability to remove it. Therefore, I’ll provide a percentage at the end!

Image First Impressions & Appearance – (17 out of 20)
Wow. From the first second loading the page, elements start swooping in to create a beautiful graphic right in front of my eyes. It’s very interactive and layered in a way that adds depth to the whole page. It’s rather beautiful. It puts off a very laid back and relaxed setting that seems comforting to anyone who may be out to buy these social services. I really enjoy this because many websites think they have to look “spick and span,” in order to look nice, while Zadoxis is an example that you can look fun and nice at the same time!

Cody asked me to point out things that you can change. I really can’t find anything, but I do have a question of some sorts. I see this image…


…and it makes me wonder if Zadoxis actually has a iPad app or what’s going on? If they do, that’s super sweet, but I’m not sure why that would be practical. If not, why do you have that image? Could Zadoxis not substitute it with something that doesn’t repeat the theme they already have above? Something to think about!

Overall though, Zadoxis shows a super playful but beautifully interactive appearance that immediately draws me in. It’s hard to award Zadoxis anything under a 17!

Image Site Layout – (19 out of 20)
Zaxodis uses six primary pages on their website: Home, Instagram, Pintrest, Vine, Twitter, and a Contact page. All of these are accessible from a floating bar at the top of the page. The navigation is very, very simple; which equals good! One of the biggest mistakes people make is making their navigation way too complicated to the point where users can’t navigate around the site effectively. I’m going to make a quick cheat here and quote what my rubric says is a well laid out website: “The site layout ranges from exceptionally organized to completely and totally organized. The site is totally uncluttered and extremely well laid-out. Navigation is very logical, making navigation overall a breeze.” This is honestly how I would describe Zadoxis. The navigation is very easy, and if I needed to find something, it’s hard to get lost with six pages.

One idea that I had: when you purchase a service from Zadoxis, you select the service, put in one field, and pay. Well, what happens when you can’t complete the service for some reason? You only have the PayPal email to go off of, but what if they don’t use it? Why not create another “order” page where users can provide more details in case of a problem. It would give your potential users a sense of security, instead of being blasted off to the payment, and could possibly increase the sales of Zadoxis. Just a theory! Other than that, the layout is just about flawless. With that suggestion, I’m scoring it a 19.

Image Content – (16 out of 20)
The content of Zadoxis relies on how much information it gives the customers or interested users and getting them to purchase the product. I mentioned above how Zadoxis only has six pages on their website. While one could take this as having not a lot of content at all, Zadoxis carefully places just about everything you could image on each page in an organized manner. On the average product page, they provide a summary of what the service does, testimonials, and the prices & ordering.

Honestly, there isn’t much for me to say here (like the rest of the review), but I would like to see more information about your services in detail. Like I suggested, perhaps a page between “Order” and payment for users to get some “down to earth” information on the packages; what they actually entail, how fast they’re ordered, where they can contact you just in case something goes wrong. Just more general information about the services would be very beneficial, in my opinion.

Other than that, the content seems very informative and sufficient for the matter at hand. While I would like to see more information, a user could decide on your services without it. Therefore, I award 16 points for sufficient information.

Image Spelling/Grammar & Professionalism – (17 out of 20)
I’ll start with professionalism real quickly. One thing everyone needs to remember is that a site can be professional in many ways. They can have a clean cut theme, use nice terms, and have beautiful rules and staff. However, they can also, like Zadoxis, have a beautiful, relaxed feeling to it. While I mentioned (in the appearance section) how the theme seems a bit playful, it’s a very professionally playful theme. If my words don’t relay this (which I’m trying very hard), go take a look at a page such as CNN, then at Zadoxis. They both have two seperate ways to express their professionalism.

From what I can see, there are little to no spelling mistakes hanging around, and everything seems to tie together nicely. In short: I wouldn’t be able to tell Zadoxis from a truly professional service that provides the same product. Good news! It means you may actually be one of those professionals. Therefore, I’m given no choice but to score Zadoxis 17 points for professionalism.

Total Score – (69 out of 80 – 86%)


Final Remarks:
Zadoxis is indistinguishable from any professional service of it’s kind. The appearance is catchy and enjoyable. There are little to no mistakes and I had nothing but praise and the few suggestions I’ve mentioned. It’s honestly one of the best sites I’ve seen designed and run by a member of Forum Promotion. Enjoy the spotlight!

Image Strengths:

Beautiful, catchy appearance
“March to your own drum,” Your professionalism is personally inspired and unique
Your lack of pages does not constitute a lack of content – it’s provided in a beautiful manner and can only be improved

Image Weaknesses:
I couldn’t judge the Statistics and Activity :P

Communication with Social Communities

This article was first posted on our blog on 01/04/2010. For this reason, the information may be outdated and no longer reliable/correct.

When you think of a social networking site like Facebook, you probably think of a place where you interact with your friends – a site where people connect with each other. This assessment would be accurate, connecting and sharing with others is your primary goal. This can be an invaluable tool in forum promotion. User ‘A’ posts your site on his wall, user ‘A’ has five hundred friends, all five hundred of those friends now have a personal recommendation to visit your site from someone they know. Let’s say that approximately twenty people visit your site and choose to share it. A chain reaction occurs. This shows how valuable social network sharing can be.

Now, telling people, “Hey guys! Post this site on your profiles online!” is most likely not going to do much. I’m going to teach you today about how to integrate social networking onto your site with minimal effort.

The first site you should check out–and one I personally recommend–is http://addthis.com . AddThis is stunning in its simplicity, but it works. Sign up for an account on AddThis and follow its instructions to get your button. It should give you an HTML code that can be posted anywhere on your site. You may ask, “What does this magical AddThis code do, exactly?” When a user hovers over the AddThis button, a little drop-down menu appears. On this dropdown, they can choose to post a link to your article, your page, your post–wherever the button was–to virtually any social network with very little effort. Some of these sites include Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, StumbleUpon, and Delicious. Over two hundred sites are included in total. AddThis provides advanced analytics, and I was shocked to find that about twelve people had shared my site on Twitter within ten days. Over 800,000 sites utilize AddThis, and you should become one of them.

Moving on, another option is http://bar.meebo.com/ . The Meebo Bar is an interesting little piece of code. To get it, sign up at the URL provided. The code is a little more complex than AddThis, but if you’ve ever edited an HTML document, then you should be able to use it. Be more cautious when adding it to your site, though. What exactly does Meebo do? It adds convenience and connectivity. You can have a link to your Facebook fan page, a built-in preview of your site’s Twitter, Drag ‘n’ Share photo sharing, easy Digg sharing, and more. One of the most interesting features is the Meebo chat. If your users have a Meebo accounts, then they can chat on services such as Facebook, MSN, YIM, and AIM. It is similar to Facebook chat. When they visit another page on your site, their chats are preserved. Your users will be connected to all of their friends, and they will be more apt to share your link.

Of course, the possibilities of social networking in forum promotion are endless. Facebook and MySpace connections allows you to have users log in with their Facebook and MySpace accounts, bypassing registration. Easier registration means that users will be more likely to sign up and post. IP.Board and vBulletin both have some form of these built-in. Another possibility is the use of a Twitter page for your site and all of the promotion efforts that come with that. Look online for more information on promotion via Twitter. A Facebook page is yet another option to be considered.

In conclusion, many users on the web today prefer to visit sites shown to them by friends and acquaintances. Using social networking sites, your site can be promoted that way, and activity can flourish as real-life bonds do the promotion work for you. Using the tools available for these sites, it has become very important. The possibilities are endless, and I hope that you learn to utilize them.