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How to Find Topic Ideas for Your Forum

If you are not running a general forum, you will likely reach a point where you are having a hard time coming up with topics relating to your niche. Never fear though! There are many resources on the world wide web that you can use to your advantage. In this article I will share some ideal sources to help you generate ideas for topics. Continue reading

Tips and Tricks for Promoting a Forum

So, let’s say you’ve just started a new forum. You’ve sorted out the theme, rules, sections and all that lovely stuff needed to kick start off the community. What is left to make it’s presence known? The members are yet to make their debut! The members are the very heart of any online forum, they keep it alive and running. You won’t get very far unless Continue reading

Social Networks Promotion: The Good and The Bad

Most of you are aware of the huge potential a Social Network campaign has, but there are also many things that could go wrong with those campaigns. First of all, Social Networks are different than forums and blogs. They are a constant stream of information: news, personal statuses, shared links, funny videos, cat’s and a whole lot more. To give you an idea of a comparison you can make in regards to it, is that your link can be compared to a fish in the sea; that is a single link can be overwhelmed by everything that is there in an individual network. But that’s not the only problem, your visitors from Social Networks may only visit your site once and never come back again.

To stand out on Social Networks, you need to have that something that people are interested in. Therefore for a successful Social Network promotion there are a few important key factors:

  1. Account Popularity
  2. Research and Targeted Audience
  3. Site Content

Account Popularity

We all start off with 0 friends or followers, but to be successful in promoting our site we need to find more followers/friends/subscribers. Nothing makes you look crazy other than by talking to yourself online, therefore you need build up your “fan base”. There are many different ways to do such things, and it all depends of the Social Network that you want to focus on.

YouTube Usually funny videos or how to videos are popular.
FacebookFan Page like exchanges may help you out a lot.
TwitterUsing the correct hashtags with an appropriate message.
TumblrRebloging, liking and posting things that certain audiences likes (anime/artistic/hipster/feminism).
RedditSmart interaction on the shares of other users, and good link shares from your part.
Google+I am not really sure about this but I guess adding people in your circles that have the same interests as yourself.

With a certain popularity online you will reach more users, which equals to more potential visitors and which that in the end means more potential returning visitors for your site.

Research and Targeted Audience

Imagine each Social Network as a person. Tumblr for example likes anime, managas, cute things and discussions about feminism. Tumblrs user base is mostly made of 13-20 year old people who share the things that they like. The key to promote on Tumblr, is seeing what your site genre is and then posting pictures that might get re-blogged, while adding your link in the midst of each post you make.

As I said, imagine Social Networks as people.

I have this information about social networks that might help you:

YouTube Funny videos, Gaming videos, How To videos. If you are good at making such videos you will get quite a few visits to your site, plus you could earn some money along side the video postings on YouTube
FacebookThings that could be shared here, are quotes and and other such things. With that, you would need to also attach your link in the description or add a watermark to the picture, which may help with branding your site there.
TwitterBeing part of a hashtag like #GamerGate, #feminism, #BlackLifeMatter and #micropoetry, are some of the things that could get your link some views.
Tumblr –  Anime reviews, Manga reviews, poetry, fan fiction, drawings, cute things, artistic things, debates about feminism, funny things, all of which could be added to Tumblr.
RedditSome links that can help you gain views, are links that help people out, are news related, motivation related posts, debates, manga and anime reviews, awesome product links, and how to links.

The key is to find good ideas of which links on your site you could post, and the appropriate time that you could post the link. You may fail a few times – it happens to everyone- and you will succeed a few times too!

Social Networks are really unpredictable when it comes to link popularity. An example of this was an article I wrote on my blog, in which I decided to shared it on Reddit. I didn’t expect too much from it really, but when I woke up the following morning, I fount my site was down due to bandwidth overuse. An article that I thought wouldn’t get any attention broke my site. That’s the power of social networks.

Site Content

The first two parts are pretty easy, the internet is huge and I am sure you could work your way up in the popularity ranking, but of course comes the most important part that all sites need to help drive success: Content!

It doesn’t matter what your site is about, so long as it helps your visitor satisfy his hunger for information. The content of your site will make or break a visitor, when they are deciding whether or not they want to come back and visit your site again, or if it will be forgotten. Plus you might not be the first to write or post about a certain topic, but if you explain it better than someone else or the visitor finds one of your articles or topics more interesting or appealing, he will keep coming back for more.

Create a site that members want to come back to, that’s the first thing and the most important part of a successful site. It can’t be stressed enough how important content is! I am sure you have read a few more guides about sites/forums/blogs and found in a large number of those guides, the phrases “work hard” or “content is king”, is somewhere in the text.  Nothing else beats hard work and consistency. If your content is improving and you publish it on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, you are the right track.

After the content is built, all you have to do is then show it to a number of people on Social Networks, who are waiting eagerly for quality content to be posted, and you may be the one who will provide it to them!

What should you do to succeed? Well that’s easy, in which this article is about, is that hard work is what you need to succeed! A combination of providing fresh content, with appropriate advertising on various Social Networking sites will help you succeed.

I hope you enjoyed this little guide to Social Networking Promotion. If this has some positive feedback I will continue my explanation of promoting your site on Social Networks, by going deeper and explaining each and every Social Network in their own individual article.

Stay Awake,

Using Social Networks to Benefit Your Site

There are thousands of social networks out there. All these networks can be used to generate more traffic and revenue for your site if they are used correctly.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are an underrated tool. It only takes a user one click to install an RSS feed which will continually update itself. Every time new content appears on your site the user will be alerted. Naturally, the user will choose to view new content that interests him/her. Offering RSS feeds that can be modified to only show content from certain parts of your site will lead to higher user satisfaction and create more interest from your users.


Facebook is the social networking giant. Every day, millions of users read adverts all over facebook, join groups and read status updates. Creating a Facebook page for your site with a very easily added Like button and link on your site will help to increase traffic. Updating the status on your site’s Facebook page will publish the update on all the status feeds of users that have “Liked” your page, which will keep bringing them back to your site. Being advertised in Facebook’s cleverly placed spotlight with interesting pictures, will generate interest that will bring more users to your site.


Twitter is a rapidly growing status update site. Tweeting about the latest events on your site will keep users coming back. You can gain followers through cleverly placed ads and links on your site. Just having your site registered on Twitter will bring users with similar interests to your site through your followers.


Create a page at MySpace and regularly update with information and news. All pages on MySpace can be viewed by all users, so this is a great way for new users to discover your site. Most MySpace users are interested in music which gives those sites with a music theme a great audience. Try adding some videos of your site and put effort into your presentation.


Get bookmarked! Spread the word through your users so that more users will be able to find you through the adapted search engine. This is a great way to get new users. Find sites that are similar and generate even more traffic by cooperating with them. Remember to use an interesting and catchy description.


Forums are a type of social network. Advertising on various forums through methods such as signature links or creating discussion threads about your forum is a great way to gain new users. Just make sure that you follow the forum’s rules.

Using Social Networks the Right Way

Don’t over-do it. Updating too often can annoy users since your updates will stop them from seeing other ones that they want to see. Updating three to four times per week is usually about right, but it depends on the size of your site.

Update regularly. Decide if you are going to update once a month, once a week or several times a week. Long and uneven breaks between updates can cause users to forget about your site.

Create discussions. Use discussions to generate interest and get feedback from your users. Facebook’s comment feature gives you loads of opportunities to do this.

Don’t give too much away. Publish the beginning of articles or news updates on the social network of your choice and provide a link for further reading. This will make users click through to your site and possibly lead to further reading, generating more interest.

Be professional. Keep to the subject, regard your site as a business, and keep a professional look. Nobody wants to visit a site that looks like it’s being run by a child.

Social networks are an amazing tool. They can be used for so many different things. These are some of the largest ones, but there are many others that are more specialized. Spend time looking for ones that suit your site, and publish some interesting information about your site on them. Remember to read the network’s rules before you start posting, so that you don’t cause yourself any problems.

One last thing to remember is that when you are promoting your site on a forum using a signature link, you must act professional. Everything you are posting on that forum represents your forum, and you want to give people the right impression of your site.


This article was first posted on our blog on 22/05/2011. For this reason, the information may be outdated and no longer reliable/correct.