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Choosing Your Staff

Choosing staff is one of the easiest things to mess up on when you are administering or building your forum. You could be making your forum for the first time, or be an experienced webmaster and still make a mistake on hiring staff. In this article, I am going to teach you how to choose staff wisely, carefully, and correctly. Continue reading

Why You Don’t Need Staff For a New Forum

Most people feel that when getting ready to open a new forum, or a couple of weeks into a forums life, they must hire some staff members to help. This normally comes in the form of wanting to hire 1-2 moderators and an administrator at the most basic level. However, hiring staff is often much more based on the feeling that having people with these roles makes them much more likely to contribute to discussion, and help grow your post count. Continue reading

Recent Brivium Hacking Case & How You Can Prevent It

Online Security is becoming more and more of an issue today. Hackers and crackers seem to be more and more common. If you’re following the admin community as closely as I do, you’ve probably been aware of the recent issue involving Brivium and their recent hack of The Admin Zone. If you aren’t already aware of this, Continue reading

Usergroups Explained

On any internet forum, you’ll find that there are a majority of groups that members are sorted in. Each level has its own permissions, but the default group that makes up for most of your numbers is the registered member. I will be covering the different types of usergroups you may come across Continue reading

Avoiding Common Rookie Webmaster Mistakes

When you first start your first forum, the thought of becoming a webmaster can be a daunting task. Fortunately for you, most rookie webmasters make the same mistakes that can be fairly easily avoided when starting out. This article is a guide on how to avoid those classic mistakes that rookie webmasters always seem to make when starting a new forum, which are three things I normally seem to see Continue reading

Weekly Staff Member Interview Series #6 – Lucky!

Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of our Weekly Staff Member Interview Series!

This week, we have decided to interview Lucky. This member is a staff member of Forum Promotion, and is part of the Review Team! To help the reader, the interviewer’s (Joshua Farrell) questions are bolded, and Lucky’s answers are plain text.

Now on to the interview!

Hi Lucky, what can you tell us about yourself?

Well, my name is Kyle and I live in Murca’. I have been working on forums for six years now and haven’t stopped yet. I love being on the Internet where I lean a lot of things and even meet people from around the world, which is awesome! I am a manger at RadioShack during the day and at night, I manage my online life. I love music and I don’t know what I would get through life without it. I love to eat and I value friends and family.

What do you do as a part of the Review Team?

My main job is to keep the team organized and running in a way that leads to efficiently. I make sure reviews get done in a timely manner and if any issues show up, I am there to handle them. I oversee everything that goes on within the team and if my team has questions about something, suggestions or an issue, I am the one they go to first. At the end of the day, we’re all there for each other and to see to it things get done and things run smoothly. We’re a red family :)

What do you like about reviewing websites and forums?

I like that I can bring a second pair of eyes and look at a website in a unbiased approach which allows me to be more critical, more so than the owner could. We as webmasters sometimes like what we do layout wise, theme wise and what not, but having another opinion is really helpful in making sure the website is at its full potential. I like looking at a website and giving suggestions to something that should be fixed, added or what not and allowing the owner to do as they please with that information and in the long run, helping them succeed.

As just a regular member of Forum Promotion, not as staff, what do you like about the forum?

I love the community. The service teams are amazing people who devote a lot of time to the community for the sake of FP being a large community of webmasters, and they love that. The exchanges are awesome because they give users a chance to work with each other and network in a way that works. Overall, I just love the community and everything all of us do to pitch in and make FP great!

If you had the chance to add your two cents on what can be changed here, what would it be?

To be completely honest, really nothing. The base that is already here is running just fine and is working for everyone. Sure, some people may not like the theme that we’re using, or that we have too much $FP running around or whatever else people don’t like, but you cannot please everyone. FP is awesome right where it is.

I see you are running WebFerno. From what I can tell, it is supposed to be a social network, what additional things can you tell us about it?

Yeah, go into detail, I will copy an excerpt from our “About Us” page:

One of the first social networks made for webmasters in mind. We connect webmasters together that share the same love, building websites. The idea behind WebFerno is easy, give webmasters the platform to not only work alongside other webmasters, but also meet and network with new ones.

We want our members to have an amazing time on WebFerno, because that’s why we made this platform. We have profiles for all of our members, pages for our members to promote their websites, a forum for all types of crazy stuff and even articles for our masters of the web to post and read content from each other. We feel that to make a community succeed like this, we need to have everyone work together and to collaborate together, hence WebFenro.

If you had the chance to visit any country you wanted, where would you go?

I would have to say England. I know a few people from out that way and it just looks like a place that I would love. I have been to Canada and have thought about moving there, but to visit, I would stick with England.

What would you do if you had 25 Million in money?

The first thing I would do is give a select number of people a few million to do what they want with it. With the rest, I would buy home and a car and go shopping for a lot of tech things. I would invest a lot of it into a CD that way I can make more over time. I would have to hire a person to make sure I don’t spend it all :P

And that wraps up the interview with Lucky! It was fun interviewing Lucky for this weeks Staff Member Interview Series! I learned some more about Lucky, that I didn’t know before! I hope you have learned more about Lucky also. If you are interested in visiting WebFerno, you can find it by clicking on THIS TEXT.

Feel free to comment below on the interview. Also, feel free to ask the person that got reviewed any questions you feel like! Commenting on this will help us in the future, to further develop interviews on our staff members! The more comments that we have, the better we know how to ask further questions on our staff. So please comment below.

Thank you for reading this, we hope you will continue reading these every week that they are posted! And don’t forget to comment!

Weekly Staff Member Interview #4 – Joshua Farrell

Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of our Weekly Staff Member Interview Series!

This week, we have decided to interview Joshua Farrell. This member is a staff member of Forum Promotion, and is the Team Leader of the Editorial Team!

Now on to the interview!

Who is Joshua Farrell?

I am Joshua Farrell of course. I am from Preston Idaho. I am 26 years old, and I am the 5th out of 7 children.

My father used to be in the U.S. Air Force, and we moved around quite the bit. Finally, after living in Las Vegas Nevada for 6 years, we ended up in Preston Idaho of all places! That is quite the drive to move!

Preston Idaho is a small city of 5,200 people. It doesn’t have much in terms of stuff to do in your spare time, but there are a few places that one can go to, that are open most hours of the day. We have a 24 hour Gym, multiple convenience stores, a opera house that also shows movies, a marketplace, and plenty of stores that cater to farming. There are more to Preston, but all in all, in order for us to do much of anything, we have to do a little bit of driving north or south to do things.

If you could affect one thing in your state, what would it be?

The overall lack of things to do locally in the cities and towns less than 25,000 people is the biggest problem. Not many places has movie theaters, big shopping marts, sports centers, and stuff in general. We do have rodeos and demolition derbies, but much of anything else in the small cities is not a good thing. If I had the ability, I would encourage the state to put funds aside to help encourage businesses to invest in the smaller communities, instead of focusing on the quarter million to half a million plus population communities.

What do you do when you are not online?

I enjoy taking walks, watching some tv when there is nothing else to do, and enjoying time with my family. In terms of work, I keep records for my local church’s congregation. It is a mess at the moment. People are moving in and out of the area, and there are a number of people we do not know where they moved to, so that we can send records to their new local church congregation! Though, the fun part about it, is that I get to meet people, and get to know them a whole lot better!

If you want to know, I am LDS.

Do you own or run any websites?

Well yes and no. I helping run a educational and news website called The Moral Liberal, but it has been put on the side as a non important task at the moment.

So, you are in the Editorial Staff. What is the Editorial Staff, and what do you do?

The Editorial Staff, is the service team that maintains the homepage’s blog. We also edit and publish any articles that the community may want to publish.

If The Editorial Team really a service team, then what is the service that you provide us?

It is a service team, in the aspect that we provide informational articles, tutorials, tips, and other ideas on how to better yourself as a webmaster, and how to pretty much do things. The other part of the team being a service team, is that we make sure that the articles that are submitted to the blog, aren’t spam in nature, and that they are of good enough quality, that you can learn from the article!

Is your team hiring?

It is, you can go to our Hiring Thread to put in an application! That thread has the requirements, and the positions in the team that we are hiring for. I am the Team Leader, so any applicants go through me. The positions are Informational Editor, Community Editor, Technical Editor and Webmaster News Editor. The thread has the descriptions to those jobs, so to prevent duplication, I won’t be telling you what they do in this interview.

What is the staff area like?

Oh, it is nothing special. It has typical things that staff takes care of, like a spam board that holds spam, a trash board that holds outdated topics, and other boring stuff. It is nothing special really.

Anything else you would like to mention?

I would like to thank the staff who originally hired me on, for allowing me the chance to be on such a good team! And if you want to be part of the team, you have a link above that you can go to to find the information to do so!

And that wraps up this weeks staff member interview! Thank you for reading this, we hope you will continue reading these every week that they are posted!

Feel free to comment below on the interview. Also, feel free to ask the person that got reviewed any questions you feel like!

Weekly Staff Member Interview #3 – Mikaya

Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of our Weekly Staff Member Interview Series!

This week, we have decided to interview Mikaya. This member is a staff member of Forum Promotion, and is part of the Community Team!

Now on to the interview!


1)    Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi there! I’m Mika, I’m 25, was born and raised in England, UK. I’ve been married for just over a year now, and I have one child at the age of 1. I currently have a part-time job, as an office worker for a local authority. It’s not the most exciting job in the world, but it pays well! In my spare time I like to watch a bit of TV (only if there’s actually a decent show on), play video games (I have a 3DS and PS3), go shopping (I like to spend money), watch movies (mostly rom coms/action/thriller), and frequent forums (only a couple) since I like conversing with others (& making new friends) and engaging in discussions that I like providing my thoughts on. I also have a keen interest in computing and devices. 
2) In 5 years time where do you see yourself?

I probably would have another child by then (here’s to hoping) and would have left work as well, to look after them both. My husband would be the one going to work and earning money to live on. I don’t mind. I’d rather not work and look after my family! Working is alright but there is a limit. It doesn’t help since I’m a little lazy in nature! I would be a full-time housewife (ugh. not that wonderful but it’ll do!). Beats a real job any day in my book!
3) As a child and even now, who is your hero and why?

Uhm, I don’t really have a ‘hero’ as such. Pretty lame, I know. Sorry for not having an answer!.
4) Out of everything you have learned from FP, what has been most valuable?

I have learned much more about forums, how to manage them and advertise them in many ways which would benefit me. I’ve seen so many forums being advertised at FP and it’s great to see how much the forum owners/admins are dedicated to their forums! There are many subjects involved in the broad name of forum-ing and it’s interesting to find out what members’ thoughts are on them.
5) As a forum owner yourself, what keeps you going through the tough slow periods?

It’s always helpful to keep your head up in tough times, and not give up. As long as you have support, you will be fine. I try to think positive and get creative with ideas and put them in action, in the hope that they will pay off. There will obviously be slow activity moments on forums, and that’s natural. Thinking of unique ideas to bring visitors in to join and stick around would be a key turning point. Members have real life to deal with first of all, and your forum is second priority to them, as it should be.
6) If you could swap teams just for a day, which team would you trial and why?

I would like to try out the Editorial Team! The articles are a pleasure to read on the homepage. Managing them and submitting my own would be a nice task to undertake. I’m not a very good writer, but I’d try the best that I could! Providing information useful for other FP members and visitors is a great feeling, knowing that they will look back and thank those who created those articles.

7) Any other comments?

Nope, I believe I have covered enough!.

And that wraps up this weeks staff member interview! Thank you for reading this, we hope you will continue reading these every week that they are posted!

Feel free to comment below on the interview. Also, feel free to ask the person that got reviewed any questions you feel like!

Staff Member Interview #1 – Jadster

The Editorial Team has decided to start doing staff interviews, to allow you, the community, to get to know some of our staff a little bit better. Our first interviewee was Jadster!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself (age,name, location etc):

Well, my real name is James otherwise known as Jadster. I am 17 years old and was born on March 8th. I currently reside in Omaha, Nebraska of the United States. I was born in Nebraska but moved around a lot as a child. So due to this, I lived in South Carolina, Georgia, and Arizona. I currently have 3 step brothers, 2 younger and 1 older. I also have 1 half sister. I am a senior in high school and I am currently employed as a cashier / checker at HyVee on weekends only to help save up for my college & such. I am also a gamer, coder, and forum owner.

2. When did you first start visiting forums?:
I started visiting forums back when I was about 8 years old. I was interested in the computer and one day decided to make a website of my own. However being an 8 year old trying to learn how to make a website wasn’t the easiest, so that plan fell through quickly. Over the years though, I began to grow an interest into game design and how they were made. So I found out about coding and what it can be used for. I immediately found an interest and spent years of my life learning it. I have also taken classes in my high school to continue learning and to this day, I haven’t looked back.

3. Biggest life success/achievement:
My biggest achievement in life so far? Well that is surely a tough one to answer. I would have to say my biggest achievement or success in my life was making it to where I am today. Surrounded by people I enjoy and people who care for me. Got a great job both offline and online and just a great life in general. Sure, I had my hard times like any normal human being but just being able to see my past and see where I am today and know that I have come so far, it is surely the best feeling to me. Knowing that I am making my family proud and that I always have them to support me is by far something I see as a success in my own life.

4. What would you change about FP?:
This is a question I feel the staff and even members at times get asked quite frequently. Looking at ForumPromotion now compared to when I first joined in September of 2012, I feel that many things have changed. Some for the better and some for the worse but needless to say, this site has still gained its popularity and still continued to grow over the years. But if I had to change something, I would have to say the reputation system. My reason for this, is when members reach a certain amount of posts, their rep they give, is 2 instead of 1. I feel that a like system could be implemented to like posts instead of giving reputation. Because in my eyes, reputation is earned over a course of time, but having such a high number of reputation just cause members can give 2 instead of 1, I feel that is abused because then people think they have a “reputation” here even if they really don’t. But then again, maybe that is just me being paranoid about things.

5. One thing in life you regret:
Oh boy, there are a lot of things I regret to be honest. I would have to say my biggest thing I regret was not spending enough time with my family and grandparents when I was younger, and even today. I always was so fascinated by my own things such as websites, video games, toys, friends that I never really payed much attention to my family or I would seclude myself away from all of them. Which didn’t punish me, it punished them. I feel that I spent way too much time doing things that I enjoyed that I never spent much time around my own family and I regret that. I don’t want to end up being 30 or 40 years old and looking back on my life and feeling bad about all the things I never got to do with my family. Thus why I am doing what I can to change and be around them more. I regret not spending more time with them when I was younger, so I am now trying to make up for that today.

6. Funniest life experience/moment:
This answer cannot be just 1 moment or experience. It is just too hard to pick out of all of them. I would just have to say any time I am with my 2 best friend Preston & Jared. The 3 of us will crack jokes, make puns, do stupid stuff and just make so many references to stuff we have heard or seen together that we all just have a great time. We all will laugh until we are in too much pain or until somebody is in the hospital (not literally). But just having those 2 as my friends and more importantly, my best friends is something I never want to give up. Every day is a fun day with those guys. We all go to school together and even if I am in the worst of moods ever, those guys know how to make me smile and laugh without even having to try. So I would just have to say any moment or experience I have with the 2 of them is a funny moment in my life.

7. What are you planning to do in later life?:
After I graduate high school, I hope to go on to Metropolitan Community College, get my degree in welding and then move to ITT Technical Institute to get my degree in anything computer related. I love doing computer based stuff but I also enjoy getting my hands dirty and if I had to choose any hands on career, welding would be my choice hands down. I have taken every welding class my high school has to offer except for 1 of them and I am taking that one in January. So by the time I graduate, I will have taken all the welding classes I can and almost all the computer based classes that I can. So seeing as how I have a passion for both of those fields, I plan to go and get my certification and degree in both to open up my options after college.

8. Do you want to get married/have kids as you get older?:
Do I want to get married? Yes. Do I want to have kids? Yes. When I am older, graduate college and have a career that pays good to be able to help me support myself and a family, I would love to have a wife and kids. I absolutely love the idea of having kids but I have to make sure that I can support myself and do good for myself before I bring in another person and maybe even a few younger ones into my life. But I also don’t plan on getting married until after I graduate college and can maintain a relationship for a good amount of time.

9. Have you ever owned a forum? If you have what advice would you give to new forum owners?:
Yes, as it stands I currently own a forum and I am still building it up as I type this but to answer the question, yes, I have owned a forum. Several to be honest. Some advice I could give would have to be pick a good niche. Picking a niche is key when wanting to make a forum because your niche will with you for the entirety of your forum. So you want to pick one that you can do well and that you can build a community off of. Another piece of key advice would have to be, never give up. Giving up will only lead to failure and you will have to try again. Now I am known to do that so it isn’t the best advice but I am always working on practicing what I preach but even though I may not follow it 100%, that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

10. Of all the teams you have worked on at FP which one has been the best and why?:
Well, as it stands, I have only worked on 2 of the teams here at Forum Promotion. I worked as a Package Team Member for a while and I worked as a Review Team Member as well. But now, I am working here at Forum Promotion as the Review Team Leader, so I currently run the entire review team and the service itself. But if I had to choose which one is the best, I would have to say both. They are equally important. Now, the package service is more popular but both teams serve a very important role in providing quality services here at Forum Promotion. So I really cannot choose between the both that I have worked on because I feel they are both just as important and both just as good. Now, others may feel different but again, that is their opinion and this is mine.

11. Any other comments?:
I just would like to thank you for allowing me to be interviewed for the Forum Promotion blog and I am glad I got to take the time to do the interview and I hope you all enjoyed reading it and getting to know more about me.

Promoting a Forum For Dummies

This article was first posted on our blog on 02/04/2009. For this reason, the information may be outdated and no longer reliable/correct.


Well, by reading the title, you can pretty much assume what this article is about: Me teaching you how to promote a forum. (The blind leading the blind, right?) :D I can tell you that every forum owner wants more members and posts, but barely any of them are trying! If you are interested in starting a forum, you have to look at where you want to be, find another forum owner that has met this goal, and ask yourself, “Can I do what this person has done to make their forum ‘great’?” If your answer is “no”, you should definitely reconsider opening your own forum.

Building the Castle

So, you decided that you wanted to start your forum, eh? Well, to start off, don’t ever make the forum in two-and-a-half minutes, go and advertise it, and then say you’ll do all the “minor stuff” later. I’m very sorrry to say that it just doesn’t work like that, because, the minor stuff matters more than a lot of new forum administrators think it does. Here are some things you may want to look over before getting your forum out to the public;

A Good Logo/Banner – Nobody likes to click on a link to a forum and see a banner made in MS Paint with Times New Roman as the font. >_> If you get to the point where you think you should open MS Paint to make your logo, you might as well not make one at all. There are many forums where you can request a good logo for your forum, and it normally just takes 2-3 days to get a result in.

A Decent Style – Nobody wants to visit a forum and see a style they have seen a million times in other places. First, never use the default style, as it makes you look really lazy if you can’t even change the style. Second, choose a unique style. My suggestion is to go to some less-known styling sites and choose a nice style that barely anyone uses! And if you still can’t find a good-looking unique style, it’d probably be worth the money to get a custom one made.

Awesome Grammar – Whether you like it or not, some people get really mad when they see a simple grammar mistake. If a member spots one, they will instantly dash to the Feedback forum and write an 8,000-word essay on why that mistake shouldn’t be there. (I hate it when they point out the problem in the middle of their post, so you have to read through the 4,000 unnecessary words to find out what the problem was.) So, why not get a spell check (*pokes Firefox*), or maybe even take the time to copy what you write into Microsoft Word? If that isn’t available, why not pull out some of your kids’ ol’ “School House Rock” videos and watch those?

The Layout of Greatness – Build a nice attractive layout where guests and new members can easily find what they are looking for, and navigate around the forum. Also, when starting off, remember to keep the amount of discussion forums to a minimum, probably ten forums at most. This makes navigation easier, and it makes your post count look bigger since a lot of topics belong in one area. If you start to see some type of topic become popular, you should then create another board for it.

Uniqueness – You don’t know how many times I have visited two forums that look exactly alike, and their forums are exactly alike. I’d suggest not looking at your competition until after you have made the layout of your forum, and you have applied your ideas. After you’ve done this, you can look at your competition, see what they have, and try to improve upon your own forum to make it better. Also, be creative, and create some unique titles and descriptions that users haven’t seen before. If another forum already has it, guests will most likely choose to join the one that has more posts and isn’t just starting off.


After you have looked over these and made sure everything is in tip-top shape, you should invite some of your friends in to post a little bit on your forum, and give it a little boost before it opens up. You can also choose one or two of these users to be your starting Moderators, which will also keep them active to show you have some activity.
Open The Gates…Loudly

There are a lot of ways to start advertising, and when you start, I’d suggest getting your forum known everywhere, by registering to a bunch of forums, adding the link in your signature, and making a bunch of posts. This is probably the best way to start promoting a forum, as it shows you are willing to be apart of the community, which makes people more comfortable with joining your site.

Some of the other ways that you can promote your site when you are first starting:

Advertising Forums – This is probably one of the most-known ways to advertise. Go to a resource forum, order a couple of services, and it is really a great way to get a boost for your forum. Also, advertising forums are probably some of the best places to become active and get members through your sig. Becoming a staff member at one of these places can get you a lot of attention.

Make Friends – A lot of people that are going to join your forum are the people that already know you, just because they are more comfortable with it. You should bring your site up in normal conversation, without directly telling them to join. Maybe share one of the experiences you have had while building the site, and what has been fun about it. You never know, they may become interested.

Post Exchanges – When I say Post Exchanges, a lot of people think of a 5 for 5 post deal, which is what most Post Exchanges are. But what I am suggesting is long-term post-exchanges. This is a way to get you a guaranteed post increase, even if it is just 20 posts each week for each other. Something like this could lead to 1000 posts a year if you exchange a decent amount, and if you don’t like it, you can always stop it any time you want.

Any of the ideas above could help you start out your forum, and I highly suggest that you use all of them to start off.
Don’t Let Them Escape!

Once you’ve gotten a couple of members, you will then realize it is very difficult to get a lot of them to stay. A good way to keep new members active is to send them a PM asking a little bit about them, and maybe referring to a couple of the posts they have made. Ask for their IM address, E-Mail Address, and try to start a discussion about something. If you keep the discussion going, they will come back to continue to respond.

Another great way to keep members active is to start a non-promotional contest (which means referral contests or posting contests should not be made at this time), something like a “Most Creative Contest” or “Wallpaper Contest”, it really all depends on what the topic of your forum is. If they have an area for it, always remember to go and post about this contest on a couple of ad/promotion forums. Members will always read and reply to these to get their post count up, and they can actually get you more attention than a general advertisement topic would.
Keeping Things Awesome

Once you are getting a decent amount of posts per day, it’s time to continue to keep your forum going by doing everything you can to increase your member count, using some of the following suggestions:

Continue Advertising – Continue to put your link in as many places as possible. The more places you put your links, the easier it is for a search engine to find you, and your link is still being displayed for someone to click it!

Get Your Forum Reviewed – Get a Review to tell you how your forum is doing every once in a while. This can be a great way to get some good advice on your forum, and what you are doing wrong. When you do decide to reveiw, you should get a review from three to four different places rather than one, that way you are getting lots of feedback from different users, who have different views on your forum. If two or more of the reviewers all point out a problem, it definitely needs to be fixed.

Submit to Topsites – Submit your site to a topsite, and encourage your members to vote for it every day. If you can get enough votes to put you on the top, you can get a lot of incoming traffic. ;)

Hire Some Staff – You shouldn’t hire staff members too often, but once you get some need for it, you should open an announcement stating that you will be selecting some new staff members, and will be accepting applications. Have the application process last for about two weeks and you’d be amazed at how much the user’s activity will increase.

– You should affiliate with as many sites as possible that fit the same style as you, and if you get the chance, why not affiliate with some larger forums? Becoming an affiliate with someone is completely free, and it only takes a little bit of time to set up an affiliate with someone.
Closing Notes

Well, that is pretty much all I have to write for this article. If you think this article should be improved, please send me a PM on the forums and I may edit in your idea, along with leaving you credit in the article! Thanks for reading!

~ Carsonk, Ex-Packages Team Leader