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Tips For A Successful Forum

Forums can be a lot of fun. Plus, they can reward you in the end, if that is, you follow some of the tips I’ve outlined below. Forums can also be profitable, allowing you to put cash into your pocket. A lot of people are trying to start forums these days and sometimes they can be really successful. Follow the tips below to learn how to make your forum a successful one. Continue reading

Guide for New Members of Various Forums

You are probably wondering, I’m not new to the world of online forums! But perhaps there might have just been someone who has just leaped into it! This guide is designed to advise new members, on the various items and features of forums you may come across. These are general tips, in the which may not apply to very type of community, due to each one being different in their own way. Continue reading

Weekly Interview Series #1 – ddoesmc

Hello wonderful members of Forum Promotion! If you remember a few months ago, the Editorial Team hosted a weekly interview series for quite a while, we previously interviewed active members and staff members of the community. With my recent promotion, one of my new responsibilities is to get this interview ship sailing once more. The interview series is back, and hopefully better than ever! Rather than trying to release multiple interviews Continue reading

Recent Brivium Hacking Case & How You Can Prevent It

Online Security is becoming more and more of an issue today. Hackers and crackers seem to be more and more common. If you’re following the admin community as closely as I do, you’ve probably been aware of the recent issue involving Brivium and their recent hack of The Admin Zone. If you aren’t already aware of this, Continue reading

Taking Advantage of Promotion Forums

Hey there, I’m going to tell you some useful tips for taking maximum advantage of promotion forums, as a lot of people only get a small percentage of what they could get from forums like this. I’ll tell you all the methods I use!

Promotion Topic

Okay the obvious one, make a promotion topic but just making a promotion topic isn’t good enough. You need to make a topic that really draws people in, a topic that makes potential users, users! Having a logo at the top is always good. Then give a general description of the site. Some statistics, staff team details, site announcements, stuff like that. Also play around with the colours, boldness,underline,centering and things like that to make it presentable. Also make sure you have decent spelling and grammar in your promotion topic, if English isn’t your first then ask someone else to have a look through it.


Okay there’s no point leaving your thread to die, you’ve get to update as much as you can within the rules, now I will admit sometimes I go bump, please join and I really shouldn’t do that. Include some new statistics, any new announcements, maybe a few of the latest threads, things like that to make your bump more interesting.


Sometimes it’s good to exchange with other users. Do things like 10 posts for 10 posts. It’s a great way to make your forum larger and if your lucky you might get a few people you exchanged with deciding they liked the forum so they carry on posting also for a potential member, the more quality content there is on the site the better.


Post your website link in your signature and maybe a logo in there, this gets you backlinks and gets you more publicity. If you don’t know how to add things to your signature then here’s a few things you can do.


Also why not add some bold or underline to it.


Maybe even some colour.

Posting Around & Getting a Good Reputation

This is a massive one that a lot of people miss. If you get a decent amount of posts and trust among the members then people are likely to want to do deals and exchanges with you and they are more likely to join your site. So make high quality posts, maybe ways to promote. Engage with members in threads like Hello/Goodbye Thread and most of all don’t get into arguments with other members.

Requesting Services

To make full advantage of a promotion forum you need to request services. Save up your forum credits. I think the two crucial services are the posting package service because it gives your a forum a boost in bad times and also the review service because it highlights problems with your websites and helps you improve it which leads to more members.

Be Helpful

I’ve already touched on this subject previously but been helpful really does help. People love to join a forum if they know the owner is a kind and helpful person. Reply to people’s promotion threads giving them constructive feedback and help people when they ask questions in sections like this one.


If a forum has an affiliation exchange section then use it! I know not everyone wants affiliation images plastered on their homepage but why not make a affiliations page? Your members won’t be bothered if there’s a little text link somewhere saying affiliations. So set up your affiliation page, make an affiliation image and head over to section’s like this. What you do then is up to you. What I would do is make a post saying something like ‘Hey, would you like to affiliate with {YOUR FORUM NAME HERE}. My affiliation page is here (HYPERLINK THE WORD HERE) This is my affiliation image code:


If you accept this affiliation I’ll add yours soon as’. You don’t have to say that but it’s a good guideline. I’d post that on as many affiliation topics as I could that’s starter has logged on recently and their websites still open. Then I’d make a thread asking other people if they want to affiliate. You do this list as it makes yours at the top of the list.

Monthly Contests

Many forums run forum and site of the month contests. I would suggest entering them. There’s no harm in it. It doesn’t matter if you lose. Even if you lose people may still have found your site from it and signed up. However if you do win it can gain you a lot of exposure and a lot of new members. If you do win then I’d suggest mentioning it when you bump your thread.

One off Contests

Your good ol’ regular contests. On promotion forums the prizes of contests are often website related so I’d suggest having a look at the prizes to see if it’s something you would want for your site. If so, there is no harm in joining in with the contest. Even if you don’t win it may still benefit you in other ways. If it’s a posting contest then you’ve got more posts which means you’ll be known more around the community which can lead to people viewing your advertisements and joining your site. If it’s a referral contest you’ll get respect from the community if you refer some members. If it’s a graphic related contest then people might ask for graphics from you and you could say; ‘Yeah I will do. Would you please make 5 posts at my forum as a thanks?’ So there’s more than meets the eye to contests.

Forum Battles

Some forums have fun little forum battles. They’re quite fun to do and have benefits. First of all, what are they? Normally it is where two forums go head to head in a poll where the members of the forum were the battle is hosted vote on which forum is best. There aren’t usually prizes for this except for special occasions. However some forums have a leaderboard and people looking for good communities to join or to partner with may use these leaderboards to decide as they give a general idea of popular or quality communities. Now there are other benefits. It gives you a backlink and voters may have never heard of your site before and when they check to see if they want to vote for your forum they might decide they want to sign up and post. Another benefit is sometimes you and the other contestant can decide to have prize money. This could be in the form of real money or forum credits so that will help you if you win.

Interview Threads

You may think, how does this help my website? Well it doesn’t directly help but it does help in another way. An interview thread is somewhere were people can ask you questions and get to know you. Now when you first join the forum your a bit of a stranger so sometimes people don’t pay much attention to you but if you start an interview thread people will get to know you better and they then might decide to go and sign up to your website. Also if your the one asking the questions you might find someone is a big fan of Call of Duty. Now if your forum is about Call of Duty you could ask them if they would be interested in joining your Call of Duty community or you could even ask them if they are interested in working for your Call of Duty forum so I hope I’ve convinced you that interview threads are worth it.

Premium Membership

For those of you with spare cash hangin’ around then premium membership is a good way to take advantage of a promotion forum. You may think it’s money wasted. Premium Membership is a group which you have to pay to get in that have special benefits and usually a coloured username. This forum has a premium membership. Now on to the advantages. The special benefits of premium memberships at promotion forums are often website related. For example this forum has ‘A Sticky Sponsor ad for one week – normally sold for $5.00 on it’s own.’ as one of the benefits. This will give you a massive boost for one week, way more people will see your advertisement and hopefully way more people will sign up. ‘Your Username in Black recognising you as a proud supporter of FP’. Having a coloured username helps more than you think. It makes you stand out. If someone is looking at a list of promotion threads they’ll often go for the one’s that are started by someone in a coloured username. It’s just a psychological thing. Other promotion forums may have other handy benefits like a free service every month. That kind of thing.

Technical Support

Often you have a problem with your website and you rush of to your forum software support forum. However sometimes it can take a long time to get a reply so to help you with this. Some promotion/webmaster forums include a technical support section. This decreases your wait time and means you can get problems solved on your forum quicker which keeps members happy. Also answering question there can help improve your reputation and I’ve explained the importance of that previously.

Other Promotion Forums

Who needs Google when you’ve got a promotion forum? Stop searching ‘promotion forums’ and finding dead websites! Start using forums to find more forums. Many promotion forums have a list of advertising/promotion forums where you can find more forums to promote on. This of course leads to more members and you can use that forum to find forums that weren’t listed on the first one. Another great place to look is the promotion directory where you can search through for promotion forums. Some websites help us further by sorting their promotion threads into sections so all you have to do is look through the Advertising/Services section and the Webmaster/Graphics section. You can also take a look through people’s signatures as they often have promotion threads listed there.


You might think you know all that there is to know about websites but you don’t! No one does! So it is important they look through guides/tutorials wrote by members of the community. This will help you improve your forum and learn new ways of promoting it. It also stops you making mistakes. Now if you do know a lot about forums then write your own guides. This gains you reputation on the forum and if your clever it can gain you a backlink and some members. So do this clever trick first you post your guide on your own forum then at the bottom of your post on the promotion forum you put; ‘originally posted at [url=LINKTOTHREAD]SITENAME[/url]’ so members will hopefully click on that link and sign up. It will give you a backlink when the search engines browse your post as well.

Completing Your Profile

I’ve already mentioned about signatures but you should fully complete your profile. For one, it helps people get to know you when you fill in things like occupation,hobbies,interests but it gives you a bit of free advertising because usually you can put your website link in a website link field. Some forums have fields for youtube, twitter, wordpress, etc which also gives you free advertising. Also don’t forget to add an avatar because it looks more friendly and sociable to have an avatar. If you want an avatar like mine, if I’ve changed it then it’s basically a manga face, then go to Face Your Manga.

Status Updates

Unfortunately this forum does not have a status system. However some do and I’m going to tell you why to use them. Writing status updates helps people get to know you better and makes you more part of the community. You can also secretly advertise your website in a status. Now most sites will disallow putting a link to your website in your status but you can still say things like ‘{FORUMNAME} it 10,000 posts today :)‘ , ‘{WEBSITENAME} got 25 new clients today’ or ‘{USERNAME} made an interesting post on {FORUMNAME} today’. People may see one of these statuses and hunt for the link of your website then they might decide to sign up.

Introduce Yourself

I forget to mention this before but remember to introduce yourself when you join a forum. Most forums have an introduction section. This is the first step towards people getting to know you and building a reputation on the forum. Make sure to include a bit of information about you. Also you could include a bit of information about your site to gain user interest but do not post a link to your site in your introduction as it is against the rules of most forums.

Selling your services

Some forums have a place for real money exchanges. You can sell advertisements on your forum here. It helps generate money for you and your website and some people who purchase advertising may decide to sign up to your website as well. Now something you can do on all deals which helps you get a backlink and hopefully some members is for example your selling twitter followers at the bottom of your post you could put something like ‘Supplied by [url=SITELINK]SITENAME[/url]’. People who have bought your service and like it may sign up as a thanks and anyway it gets a free backlink which is always welcome.

Signing up to referral links

You may think how does this help in anyway whatsoever? Well wait a minute and I’ll tell you. Many forums have a place advertise referral/affiliate links. Now when you sign up to these referral links the person who owns the referral link will be happy about this so why not comment saying something along the lines of ‘I’ve signed up to your referral link, could you please sign up to my site in return?’. Now make sure to not include a link as it will probably be against forum rules. The person can easily find it in your signature. Now a lot of times they will say yes and sign up so you’ve got yourself a member there.

Get friends to post referral links

Ask your friends to sign up to your website and then use these referral link sections to promote your website for you within the rules. Make sure your website has a referral system first. Your friend just has to sign up to your website, copy their referral link then say something like ‘I signed up to {FORUMNAME} and really enjoyed it so I’ve decided to recommend it but please use my referral link(hyperlink that with their referral link). Make sure your friends do this, don’t make new accounts to do it yourself. It will most probably be against forum rules.

Keeping members up to date

You need to make sure members are up to date with your forums happenings. Conveniently most promotion forums have a section dedicated to your forums happenings. First make sure to read the guidelines as you don’t want to be posting news that is disallowed. Then you make your topic. Give it a catchy title and in the thread make sure there’s bold bits, colourful bits and pictures. Now post your news there and add a link to your website at the bottom so members can see it then sign up.

Hiring for your website

Ever waited months to find no one wanted to be a moderator for your site? Wished there was an easier way? Well there is! A lot of promotion forums have a job centre section where you can make a topic declaring that you are hiring and how to apply. Now a lot of people looking to work at websites will constantly scout this section and hopefully will decide to apply for your forum.

Completing graphic requests

If your a designer with a website then your in luck! A lot of promotion/webmaster and graphic forums have a place where users can request graphics. Now a lot of them are willing to pay a fee of either forum credits or real money but you could tell them all they have to do to get graphics from you is to sign up to your website or if your a forum, make a few posts. Many people will do this and will significantly help your website if you actively complete requests.

Selling graphics

Related to the previous section you can also sell graphics. To help your website from this what you do is for example make website design then say you’ll give it to members if they make 50 posts at your forum. Now, if your design is of a good standard and would be worth real money people will often do this instead of splashing out there cash on a new design.

Requesting graphics

If your website is looking a bit tatty then save up some forum credits and request some graphics. A lot of people will make graphics for forum credits as long as you give them a reasonable amount. Over a period of time you can request a fair amount of graphics and it will improve your websites appearance greatly and will lead to new people signing up.

Using free graphics

Some forums have a section of free graphics. Often they can be found among requests and paid graphics like here at Forum Promotion. Now if you find some you like it can be really helpful because it improves your site’s appearance which of course leads to, lets say it all together, new members! I bet your tired of hearing that, eh?

View new topics

If you watch new topics you can often find new sites to promote at, good deals, contests that could benefit you, interesting discussions and more so I suggest to keep looking at the new topics for anything interesting. It’s just a little tip, not very important.

View active topics

If you’ve got your site’s link in your signature and you want some quick backlinks then you should try the view active topics feature. These topics are popular and more likely to be indexed by a search engine and they are the backlinks that really count. Of course most topics should hopefully be indexed eventually but they’ll be the first to be indexed and I believe the more views a topic gets the more that backlink is worth.

Signature advertising

Advertising through signatures is a fantastic way of getting backlinks and sometimes members. Even if the backlink is only up for a month or so you can only hope that google indexes some of them during that time. It’s worth to pay some forum credits or even real money for this. Also if you get your site’s link in a trusted member or staff member people will often click on the link and sign up as well. Forum Promotion’s very own Signature Advertising is a great service because it gets your link displayed in the signatures of staff. So you get people clicking on it but staff are generally active and if Google indexes the forum at that point your going to get a lot of backlinks. You can also buy signature advertising through exchanges and the marketplace.

Profile comments

Forum Promotion like many other forums has profile comments. If there’s an event, and I’ll use an example of an event happening at the time of writing, Halloween, then you can say for example ‘Happy Halloween!’. This helps you get to know members of the forum and remember how important getting to know members of the forum is. As a side note, in MyBB 1.8 profile comments will be inbuilt instead of a plugin.

Purchasing advertisements

If you spare cash lying around then many forums sell advertisement space. It’s a fantastic way to gain massive amounts of exposure for your website. Epically if you buy advertisements on big forums like this one.

I hope I’ve helped you with this, it sure took a long time to write and I hope to update it in the future so please give me suggestions to write about. By the way, a lot of these things, I and others don’t do to help our websites. We just do it because we like to do it. We like to get to know people, we like to get involved in the community, we like to help others. Finally, the best way to thank me for this if you liked it would be to give me a +rep, it would be greatly appreciated

Taking a Break is Never a Mistake

Owning a forum or blog can be very stressful in which you will feel tension from the constant demand for new content. So, occasionally you will want to rest your mind momentarily, but what can you actually do without leaving for a long period of time? Well, you could:

Go for a Jog!
Exercise is a proven way to relieve stress and is also a good alternative to sitting in a chair all day.

Get a Snack!
Typing can work up an appetite and I’m sure most of us have a kitchen in our house. Get a quick snack like a granola bar or a yogurt will help increase the brain flow but make sure not to eat too much where you will get sleepy from digestion.

Watch a Movie/T.V.!
Even though I’m against sitting on the couch for a long period of time you could always turn on a flick for a bit. Resting the mind and getting away from the real world is something we all take part in from time to time, as it allows our brain to rest without an real vacation.

Take A Shower!
Sometimes after sitting in front of the computer for a long enough period of time, you might forget to bathe. So, if you need the break and have the spare time then grab the soap and get to it. I’m sure you’ll feel relaxed after the break and your room-mate will probably appreciate it as well.

Have a Drink!
If your sure that you are done working for the day, then you could always relax by having a glass of wine. If you’re not of age to drink yet, then grape juice should be able to pucker your lips up just as good.

These are some of the activities I do when I want to take a break from blogging. Sure, there are thousands of more things you can do, but just remember that taking a break is just as important as pleasing your members. If you’re broken down and tried, then you can’t help anyone. So, what do you do when you take a break?

Crazy Simple Ways to Improve Your Forum

As an admin you must be constantly improving your forum to get more members. If you aren’t spending time to improve your forum, then your competition can quickly pass you up. Even some of the most popular forums can use improvements. So, here are some crazy simple ways you can improve your forum:

Re-write Board Descriptions

A lot of us are guilty of rushing forum descriptions when we first set up our community. If your descriptions are short, and include words like “stuff” then consider rewriting your descriptions to be more compelling. Its simple things like this that go a long way.

Rearrange Your Category Layout

You never want your least populated categories/forums to be shown first because it gives it the feeling of inactivity on new communities. If you have more than two categories, then I would put your most popular one up-top, even if it is the off-topic section.

Even if your forum is growing slow, having a well-populated category up top gives a feeling of activity.

Setup a Content Delivery Network for Better Speed

Having great loading speeds is incredibly important. Not only does having fast speeds affect your search engine ranking, but it also affects how long someone is staying on your forum! No one wants to wait more than a few seconds for a page to load.

If you think your forum is running a little slow compared to others, then consider setting up a content delivery network to improve overall speed. Even if your forum is not slow, setting up one can still help improve your speed overall.


So those are some crazy simple ways that you can improve your forum. While doing the above will definitely help your forum, there are many more improvements that can be done. Implementing new ideas, and improving even the smallest of things is important for the overall success of a forum.

So, do you have any suggestions on how people can improve their forum?

5 Tips for Starting Your First Forum

After many weeks of thinking you have decided to add more interaction to your website via a forum. Well, even though setting up a forum is a pretty easy I do recommend for you to sit down and do some stuff before hand. Time after time, I run into very smart people who make the dumb decision of starting something they don’t know how to run. Sure they learn eventually, but by then the community has been destroyed. So, here are a few tips for the average person looking to start their first forum.

Dive into the Internet and Do Some Research

Yeah, Yeah….You’ve probably heard this tip a million times, but it truly is some of the best advice you can get. Nobody likes to be stuck in a niche that they know nothing about, so always research it! Make sure to look into competitors to see how they have structured their forums and how active they are. Don’t completely steal their ideas, but you can use a competitor to set yourself in the right direction. Also, while you are researching your topic make sure to look into different forum software’s.

Take Your Choice of Software Out For A Spin

While you have probably set your mind on a forum software already, whether it be because your friend told you it was “cool” or because you found a blog post about it, you should probably install it before going any further with creating your forum. Make sure to dive into the admin panel so you can get a feel for its power and to see what is like to sit in the king’s throne. The main purpose of this is to see if you are comfortable with the look and feel of the software. You don’t want to be stuck using a forum software you are not comfortable with, because it just turns everything into a bad experience.

When I created my first community, I remember using a forum software called XMB. I’m not going to say that the forum software was bad, but it just didn’t work for me. The plugin and theme installation was too much of a hefty process for my newly found Internet knowledge. Eventually I ended up converting the forum to MyBB but later closed the community.

Build Interest Before Launching

If you are going to create a community then I suggest that you build up some hype before launching. While most forums are created spontaneously, some of the best have been created through good planning and because they had a following before launching. You are going to need to fill up the empty forums and this hype will already have a crowd ready to join. This can be done with just a landing page that says “Come Back Soon” or even a simple newsletter!

Don’t Touch that Theme!

Free themes are awesome, but never pick the one that is the most popular unless you are going to be customizing it. The reason I say this is because a free theme can just make you look cheap, so if you are going to choose a free theme then make sure that it is one that many people haven’t seen. Plus, you don’t want to use a theme that other forums are using because it will cause confusion among visitors and it may cause some to think that the forums are the same. If you have a unique, clean and easy to navigate theme then that is what will keep people coming back (the content will too).

Don’t Give Up But Also Accept Failure

There will be times where your forum has been inactive, but never forget to keep advertising and push through, because you can always create a more active environment through some good promotion and some time investment. But also remember that you could experience a darker day where your community “goes under” and you just wont be able to get it active again. While I hope your community lives long and prosperous, a lot of you will likely see this day but just remember everyone has a project that failed at one point. Just learn from the experience and use the knowledge to your advantage when starting a new community!

These are some of the tips that I would recommend to anyone who is just getting into community creation. While you may not agree with me, I’m interested in hearing some of your tips as well! So, feel free to leave a comment and share this post on your social networks!

Tools and Tips for DIY SEO

DIY (Do It Yourself) SEO is a very popular topic. Some businesses cannot afford to hire a company like rankpop.com to help them with their SEO campaigns, but they do have the time and or human resources to make a go of things on their own. There is nothing wrong with a DIY approach to SEO as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into!

For starters, there are big differences between SEO web design services and an SEO tools service. One specializes in helping you to design and edit your website to be more SEO-friendly and the other prefers to work through a variety of SEO tools (or even creating their own) to help clients achieve their SEO goals. As these are very different services there needs to be a little research done to figure out exactly what sorts of SEO services your business is going to need even if you will be performing them for yourself.

Look at Your Mobile Representation

Almost any small business SEO service is going to advocate that you give a little bit of time to mobile SEO services, as mobile browsing and shopping are at an all-time high and the trend doesn’t seem to be losing momentum any time soon. This can be a relatively cheap SEO service if you have a web developer on staff who can implement a responsive web design for your website and make any meta information changes that you need in order to optimize for your keywords.

Cover All Basis

Other SEO services for small business optimizers include on page optimization, content creation, link building, and social media management. You’re going to need a well-optimized home page to draw in both search engines and human visitors, content for them to enjoy while they’re on your website, links to help direct people to useful information (sending people to other parts of your site or sending them to your site from somewhere else on the web), and someone at the helm of your social presences to make sure that concerns are being addressed and profiles are kept active and interesting.

Doing your own SEO can be an interesting adventure if you have the time and energy to take care of all of the different things you will need to do in order to ensure the best results from a comprehensive strategy being correctly implemented. If you try things on your own for a while and find that you would rather have someone else handle things for you, don’t be afraid to contact an affordable SEO provider like RankPop for more information about becoming a client.

What Are Some SEO Must Haves?

There are a lot of SEO services out there and for every SEO service there is a slightly different approach to even the most basic staples of the SEO industry. Local SEO services are going to behave differently than global SEO services – this makes total sense because their focuses and directions are totally different but at the same time it can make things confusing for their clients!

The best SEO services are going to come from an SEO services company that offers affordable SEO services that are of good quality. Professional SEO services can have a good handle on the needs of their clients and will often have several packages available that only offer the most basic and important SEO services in order to create a package or two that are affordable for their smaller budget clients.

Find Keywords

  1. Keyword research – Keywords are the foundation of almost every single SEO service that you can think of, so you need to make sure that you include keyword research in your SEO package.
  2. On page optimization – What’s the sense of inviting someone important into your home if it’s not going to be picked up and well-presented? This is the concept behind on page optimization, a process that helps to make your website as attractive as possible to both human visitors and search engines.
  3. Content marketing – Your website is going to need content, this is true, but you also need to be producing content that is meant to be shared and published elsewhere on the web.
  4. Link building – Link building has been dropping in importance when compared to other ranking factors but it is still very important. People often find websites that they like just from seeing a link to that website on another site they visit. It’s kind of like a word of mouth recommendation, and we all know how powerful those can be!

There are plenty of other things that can be very useful to your business like social media management, but these are not as essential – meaning if you cannot afford these kinds of services then you can probably do without them for now and try to handle them yourself. Once your company grows a bit and you need to be more socially active than you can manage on your own, then you can bring in a company to help manage it for you.

Kris Dietz loves creating something amazing then spreading the word about it! My mission is to develop and mold SEO into an amazing outlet of sharing valuable resources. I enjoy networking and meeting like-minded individuals.

How to Start a Forum

Forums are great for bringing like-minded people together to discuss a certain topic; there are many forums on the Internet that are dedicated to many different niches. It’s possible for you to start a forum and to run it on your own. If you have ever thought about starting a forum, here are some steps to get you started:

Pick a Niche/Topic

When starting a forum it’s best to choose a topic that you’re knowledgeable in and interested in; a true passion for the niche is needed as you will be talking about it a lot for the years to come. Of course there will be other forums with the same niche but don’t be discouraged! This is a good thing as it creates competition. Simply choose whatever niche you want without worrying about its popularity.

Pick a Name and Purchase a Domain

A domain is what you type into the address bar in your browser (Ex: https://www.forumpromotion.net).

A domain doesn’t need to be extremely catchy, but it must be memorable. Write down as many domain name choices that you can think of and ask some friends for suggestions. After you’ve compiled a decent list of possible domain choices, go to a domain registrar such as Namecheap and see if they are available. Out of the ones that are available, choose one and register it. Domains are inexpensive these days so there is no reason why you can’t purchase one.

Choose Your Forum Software

There are many different forum softwares available. It’s probably best to start with one that is free so you can get the basic understanding of how to run a forum, without risking a ton of investment, just in case you lose interest.

The most popular free softwares are:

The most popular paid softwares are:

Take a peek at them all and see which one you think would be best for you. Once you have, bookmark it so you won’t forget it. Most of the time they have a community for their software where there are loads of goodies such as themes, addons, plugins, and future updates.. It’s a good idea to keep checking up on those communities.

Find a Host for Your Forum

You need somewhere to install your forum software. There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of web hosts on the internet to choose from, but I highly recommend that you go with a paid hosting service. However, if you absolutely need to, there are free web hosting services.

I’ve been with Stable Host for the past two years, as they are a reliable and cheap web host. Their basic plan would be perfect for anyone starting a fresh forum.

Once you’ve found the web host of your choice, you will need to install your forum software and point your domain to your host. (How to Install phpBB)

Populate Your Forum

After you’ve installed your forum software and have your domain setup, you can begin to populate the forum. You will need to create categories, forums, and sub-forums for people to post in. A simple organization of content should go something like this:

Horror Talk (Category)
– Movies (Forum)
–Paranormal (Subforum)

Try to keep related things together and try not to create too many categories; you can always add them later on if your community asks for them. You want your home page to be relatively short so people don’t have to scroll a lot. Once you have your categories and forums setup, you need to begin posting topics by yourself. Don’t be one of those people who advertise their forum with no content! You need to have something for people to respond to when they get to your forum.


Send the link to your friends and family or whoever you think might be interested. If you can afford it, purchasing some advertisements on BuySellAds and PublicityClerks will help bring traffic to your new forum. The goal is to get people posting, and to keep the forum spreading. If you find people enjoying themselves on your forum, then ask them to invite their friends!


This is a basic guide on how to start a forum. Its easier to start a forum then you think, people are starting new forums every day! There’s no reason you can’t be one of them!