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Tips to Increase Your Traffic (for Free!)

This is something nearly everyone wants to do, whether you have a website, blog, or forum. Increased traffic leads generally to more revenue from your advertisements, increased community engagement, and, if you have something interesting on your site, more people who will return for information in the future. Once you get the traffic flowing, it tends to grow off of itself as long as you continue to provide good content and/or services. But the problem most of us face is how to get that initial traffic going. Continue reading

Welcome to Forum Promotion. What Now?

Welcome to Forum Promotion!

This article, is written in the hopes that you will better learn what you can do here at Forum Promotion. Granted, no article is fool proof, but I hope that you will learn something from this, and learn how to better accustom yourself to the community.

What is Forum Promotion?

Forum Promotion, is a forum dedicated in providing you access to services, that can better your forum, website and blog. How so? There are plentiful of services that are provided here, that if used correctly, will help you on your future endeavors to get out in the world of the internet!

What is Offered Here?

We offer the following to our users, provided by our staff: A Promotion Directory, a posting service called Posting Packages, Review Headquarters, Signature Advertising, Text Advertising, Featured Sites, Social Advertising, the Auction House, informational articles posted here on this blog by users and staff members alike, and many other things!

Each of the above, is provided by various teams, that are focused to filling each request! That is, except that of the blog staff. But that is a entirely different subject of discussion.

An another service that is available, but by your fellow users, is the Member to Member Exchanges. That is where you can buy or sell services or items. You can also participate in exchanges that can be mutually beneficial to both you, and the person you decide to participate with!

What Are Posting Packages?

Posting packages are an excellent way to get new content and members for your forum or blog! The trained Package Team delivers only the best posts, threads, and blog comments for your website or forum.

The requirements to request the packages are based on the package size, and are reasonable. Most forums and websites should be able to request most packages, unless they literally just opened, and do not have any content whatsoever.

But don’t let that prevent you from requesting this service! It should be easy to get the required amount of activity if you put in the time to get it!

What is The Review Headquarters?

The Review Headquarters, is where you can go to get feedback on your forum, blog or website. Here, you will get tips to improve it, and make it more appealing to your members and guests! The more thorough the review, the more they will give tips on what you can do to work on bettering your website!

What is the Signature Advertising?

The Signature Advertising, is a advertising service provided by Forum Promotion. It allows you to put a text ad into the signature of the Team Leaders of every team on the forum and the Administrators, for the length of a week. These Team Leaders and Administrators are an active part of the community, so your text ad gets seen quite the bit over the course of just an hour! This in itself can result in quite the few clicks in a week!

Who wouldn’t want to have this form of simple advertising, in the signatures of the people who do their best to make sure that the forum runs smoothly?

What is Text Advertising?

The Text Advertising service allows you to have an affiliate image, and a short description about your site displayed at the bottom of the forum for one (1) week.

This is located on the index of the forum. These ads generally on the average gets clicked on between 50 to 100 times in the course of the week that they are seen on the bottom of the index.

What is Featured Sites?

The Featured Site service allows you to have a screenshot of your site, along with a short description displayed next to the quick reply feature for one (1) week.

Generally speaking, this is seen by quite the number of pageviews. You will no doubt get plenty of visitors by using this prime spot in each topic!

What is Social Advertising?

The Social Advertising service allows you to have a message of your choice tweeted by Forum Promotion’s Official Twitter account. The tweet will permanently be added to our Twitter feed.

What is The Auction House?

The Auction House is where you will find various things you can get, if you have the Forum Cash for it. Mind you, this is a forum where you are bidding to get certain prizes, so you would need to have a recommended 1000-2000 FP to be able to usually win one of the prizes found in this board. Though from past experience, the more expensive the item via real cash that is offered (and a number of the items found in this board normally are sold for real cash), the more FP Cash you are expected to have to be able to win some of these prizes. So, if you expect to get something from here, please save up the Forum Cash you earn to be able to do so.

What is the Blog?

The blog, is what you are currently visiting.

Here at the blog, we have articles that can help you learn how to better your experience in running or making forums or websites. Right now, a large number of the articles have been contributed by previous staff members, current staff members, current and past members, and guest contributors of the forum.

Here at the blog, it is actually recommended that if you know how to do something, or you learned something from past experience, that you go ahead and submit an article to us, so that you can help others out!

The blog is supposed to be used as a resource for our members and guests. Without articles, this blog would be non existent! We rely on our members, just as much as our staff, to write articles for this blog. If you think that you can help out, you can submit. If not, you still can go ahead and provide comments on articles you are reading! After all, who wouldn’t like to get an article commented on, if it has helped someone, or it has good ideas, or just needs a few extra ideas to make a better article in the future?

The End

I hope you have enjoyed reading this! I hope this have given you an idea of what Forum Promotion offers to it’s users who decide to be a member here!

There are more things that are offered to our members here at Forum Promotion, and those items deal more along the lines of regular members helping other members out with things! I will be covering that in a future article! So stay tuned!

Five Must Have Social Tools For An Easy Online Life

Managing multiple social media channels is a time consuming and a labour intensive task. Not only do you need to manage the log-in details so that you can post to each account, you need to track responses, collect engagement data and schedule messages. Fortunately for those of us who have “social media manager” as part of our job description, there are many tools out there to make life easier.

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Communication with Social Communities

This article was first posted on our blog on 01/04/2010. For this reason, the information may be outdated and no longer reliable/correct.

When you think of a social networking site like Facebook, you probably think of a place where you interact with your friends – a site where people connect with each other. This assessment would be accurate, connecting and sharing with others is your primary goal. This can be an invaluable tool in forum promotion. User ‘A’ posts your site on his wall, user ‘A’ has five hundred friends, all five hundred of those friends now have a personal recommendation to visit your site from someone they know. Let’s say that approximately twenty people visit your site and choose to share it. A chain reaction occurs. This shows how valuable social network sharing can be.

Now, telling people, “Hey guys! Post this site on your profiles online!” is most likely not going to do much. I’m going to teach you today about how to integrate social networking onto your site with minimal effort.

The first site you should check out–and one I personally recommend–is http://addthis.com . AddThis is stunning in its simplicity, but it works. Sign up for an account on AddThis and follow its instructions to get your button. It should give you an HTML code that can be posted anywhere on your site. You may ask, “What does this magical AddThis code do, exactly?” When a user hovers over the AddThis button, a little drop-down menu appears. On this dropdown, they can choose to post a link to your article, your page, your post–wherever the button was–to virtually any social network with very little effort. Some of these sites include Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, StumbleUpon, and Delicious. Over two hundred sites are included in total. AddThis provides advanced analytics, and I was shocked to find that about twelve people had shared my site on Twitter within ten days. Over 800,000 sites utilize AddThis, and you should become one of them.

Moving on, another option is http://bar.meebo.com/ . The Meebo Bar is an interesting little piece of code. To get it, sign up at the URL provided. The code is a little more complex than AddThis, but if you’ve ever edited an HTML document, then you should be able to use it. Be more cautious when adding it to your site, though. What exactly does Meebo do? It adds convenience and connectivity. You can have a link to your Facebook fan page, a built-in preview of your site’s Twitter, Drag ‘n’ Share photo sharing, easy Digg sharing, and more. One of the most interesting features is the Meebo chat. If your users have a Meebo accounts, then they can chat on services such as Facebook, MSN, YIM, and AIM. It is similar to Facebook chat. When they visit another page on your site, their chats are preserved. Your users will be connected to all of their friends, and they will be more apt to share your link.

Of course, the possibilities of social networking in forum promotion are endless. Facebook and MySpace connections allows you to have users log in with their Facebook and MySpace accounts, bypassing registration. Easier registration means that users will be more likely to sign up and post. IP.Board and vBulletin both have some form of these built-in. Another possibility is the use of a Twitter page for your site and all of the promotion efforts that come with that. Look online for more information on promotion via Twitter. A Facebook page is yet another option to be considered.

In conclusion, many users on the web today prefer to visit sites shown to them by friends and acquaintances. Using social networking sites, your site can be promoted that way, and activity can flourish as real-life bonds do the promotion work for you. Using the tools available for these sites, it has become very important. The possibilities are endless, and I hope that you learn to utilize them.

Be Smarter About Your Business’s Tweets

I don’t know why people think that tweeting out a link every couple minutes is acceptable, but a lot of people do it. It’s kind of painful to see people doing this because they are probably getting no returns from it and it’s probably annoying the hell out of their followers. Plus, when your feed is filled with nothing but links it’s pretty easy to see that you’re not engaging with anyone, but you’re just there to push your product. I mean, you are on social media to push your product, but you can’t do it by spamming.

There is a way where you can put out less social media updates, and get more returns … here’s how.

1. Find Out When Your Following Is Most Active

Finding out when your following is most active allows you to build a schedule, and send out tweets at times when they are most likely to bring results (traffic, leads, etc.). Not only that, once you find out when your following is most active you won’t be sending out tweets mindlessly at all hours of the day.

There’s plenty of free tools out there that will analyze your twitter account. Here’s the ones I recommend checking out:

Tweriod will provide you very specific times when your following is most active, but in general most people are active online when they first wake up, during lunch hours, and almost right after work. Just use the tools above to try to get a basic understanding of when your following is active, so you can do the next step.

2. Create a Schedule

Creating a schedule makes things a lot easier. When you have a schedule, you can set up social media updates/tweets days in advance and target times when your following is most likely to engage.

BufferAPP makes it pretty easy to manage multiple schedules, and track stuff so check them out, but keep in mind that it does have limitations unless you pay.

Use the reports from above to generate a schedule for the week. If you want to experiment with multiple schedules, the BufferApp allows you to do that if you have the “Awesome” plan.

3. Track and Adapt

BufferAPP has analytics built right in, but if you decide not to use Buffer, then at least use Bit.ly or Goo.gl to track the clicks that your links get. You’re a business, so you need to be tracking stats to see if your time is being spent correctly. Time is money … don’t waste it.

But really you need to keep track of how things are going so that you can adapt, and change your schedule as your following grows. It’ll also help you get an idea of what your following is most interested in, so you can “optimize” your tweets even more.

Just remember to track and adapt.

4. Start to Engage

Once you’ve developed your schedule, you can now start to spend a little time communicating with your customers. Even though you are posting less links you’re still spamming if that’s all you do. Make sure that some of your twitter account is communicating with your customers, and not just links to your own stuff.


If you’re one of the businesses who are sending out tweets every minute, then please stop. It’s really annoying considering you don’t have to be sending out so many tweets to get good results. Studying your following, and optimizing your tweet times is the best thing you can do. It’ll save both you and your followers some frustration, and you will actually get the results you expect from social media.

So, have you developed your schedule?

Using Social Networks to Benefit Your Site

There are thousands of social networks out there. All these networks can be used to generate more traffic and revenue for your site if they are used correctly.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are an underrated tool. It only takes a user one click to install an RSS feed which will continually update itself. Every time new content appears on your site the user will be alerted. Naturally, the user will choose to view new content that interests him/her. Offering RSS feeds that can be modified to only show content from certain parts of your site will lead to higher user satisfaction and create more interest from your users.


Facebook is the social networking giant. Every day, millions of users read adverts all over facebook, join groups and read status updates. Creating a Facebook page for your site with a very easily added Like button and link on your site will help to increase traffic. Updating the status on your site’s Facebook page will publish the update on all the status feeds of users that have “Liked” your page, which will keep bringing them back to your site. Being advertised in Facebook’s cleverly placed spotlight with interesting pictures, will generate interest that will bring more users to your site.


Twitter is a rapidly growing status update site. Tweeting about the latest events on your site will keep users coming back. You can gain followers through cleverly placed ads and links on your site. Just having your site registered on Twitter will bring users with similar interests to your site through your followers.


Create a page at MySpace and regularly update with information and news. All pages on MySpace can be viewed by all users, so this is a great way for new users to discover your site. Most MySpace users are interested in music which gives those sites with a music theme a great audience. Try adding some videos of your site and put effort into your presentation.


Get bookmarked! Spread the word through your users so that more users will be able to find you through the adapted search engine. This is a great way to get new users. Find sites that are similar and generate even more traffic by cooperating with them. Remember to use an interesting and catchy description.


Forums are a type of social network. Advertising on various forums through methods such as signature links or creating discussion threads about your forum is a great way to gain new users. Just make sure that you follow the forum’s rules.

Using Social Networks the Right Way

Don’t over-do it. Updating too often can annoy users since your updates will stop them from seeing other ones that they want to see. Updating three to four times per week is usually about right, but it depends on the size of your site.

Update regularly. Decide if you are going to update once a month, once a week or several times a week. Long and uneven breaks between updates can cause users to forget about your site.

Create discussions. Use discussions to generate interest and get feedback from your users. Facebook’s comment feature gives you loads of opportunities to do this.

Don’t give too much away. Publish the beginning of articles or news updates on the social network of your choice and provide a link for further reading. This will make users click through to your site and possibly lead to further reading, generating more interest.

Be professional. Keep to the subject, regard your site as a business, and keep a professional look. Nobody wants to visit a site that looks like it’s being run by a child.

Social networks are an amazing tool. They can be used for so many different things. These are some of the largest ones, but there are many others that are more specialized. Spend time looking for ones that suit your site, and publish some interesting information about your site on them. Remember to read the network’s rules before you start posting, so that you don’t cause yourself any problems.

One last thing to remember is that when you are promoting your site on a forum using a signature link, you must act professional. Everything you are posting on that forum represents your forum, and you want to give people the right impression of your site.


This article was first posted on our blog on 22/05/2011. For this reason, the information may be outdated and no longer reliable/correct.

Why Forums Shouldn’t Automate Twitter with RSS

Everyone today is looking to make their marketing experience easier and effective, so automation is the first thing that comes to mind. Most people don’t mind seeing the occasional link/update that gets posted in their twitter timeline, but is there a point where it gets out of control? Well, of course and I’ve been seeing a lot of forum owners automating their twitter just way too much. Which brings up the question, why shouldn’t you automate your twitter?

It’s Annoying and Spammy
Being a person who follows a lot of forums on twitter, seeing constant rss feed updates can get pretty annoying and it usually ends with me unfollowing the account. Also, a random user might stop by to take a look at your twitter feed. Do you think your twitter account will be reputable if every single tweet only has a sentence and a link? People enjoy “normal” tweets and not just a bunch of spam.

Prevents Communication
No one is going to take the time to talk to a bot. If your twitter is full of links and barely any “normal” tweets, then most likely a user is not going to contact you about your forum or your services. Which could prevent a potentially golden member from joining your board. The thing I like about twitter is that it allows you to set up a quick connection between parties, but by automating your twitter account you are hindering some wonderful opportunities to talk to people.

It Just Doesn’t Work
If you are managing to get visits and followers from using this technique, then I’m going to take the chance and assume that most of them are bots. I have never seen a twitter account get successful from just tweeting a bunch of links and there is a reason for that. Take the time to look at other twitter accounts that are affiliated with your niche. Do they automate their twitter? Probably not. Taking your time to actually communicate with people is what helps you get followers.

These are the reasons I think that a forum should watch out when they start automating their twitter to post their rss feed. It can make your twitter accounts have a bad reputation and ultimately if someone reports you, then your going to end up with a banned account. Now, don’t get me wrong I have nothing against automating twitter, and I do have my rss feed posted on automatically, but its only a few updates a day. While if you own a forum that is even the slightest bit active, then you are going to be posting a lot of links onto your twitter account.

Three Simple Ways to Get More Members from Twitter

It seems a lot of admins fail to use social media to recruit members for their forum which is a shame; Twitter can be a great tool for getting people to visit your forum. From what I’ve seen, a lot of admins like to connect their forum’s RSS feed to their Twitter account and call it a day. But we all know that method isn’t really good for attracting visitors or even getting followers. So, what are some ways you can use Twitter to get more members and to build your forums social following?

Follow Your Members on Twitter
Generally, your members’ friends will have similar interests as they do. So, it makes sense to try to reach them first. A good place to start is by following the members that are currently on your forum, and reaching out to them through simple communication. Saying hello or sending a message about how you appreciate their activity, or even replying to their tweets is a great way to build a stronger relationship with them, and since they’ll be responding to you, most likely their friends will take a peek at your account and forum.

Help People
Depending on your niche, people are going to always need help with something. While you shouldn’t spend a bunch of time helping one person, answering people’s questions or directing them somewhere with an answer is a great way to get people to check out your profile and follow you.

Really, there’s not many forums out there with a strong social media account that is actually engaging people and helping them. So, by answering questions and helping people, you are already doing more than most communities out there. Even if they follow your account and don’t join your forum, you still have access to one more person that will probably actually click your tweets.

Promote a Landing Page on Twitter
While a bunch of us know what a forum is, there are still a huge amount of the population that doesn’t. So, while some people will know what do when they get to your forum, a lot of people won’t.

So to capture everyone you possibly can, I think it’s important to have a landing page you can link to, instead of just the main index that describes what your forum is about, how to join, and all that – just so you have an increased chance of capturing the people who are interested, but have no idea where to start on a forum. Plus, it prevents people from being overwhelmed by a bunch of content the first time they visit your site.

So, those are some simple ways to get some more members from your twitter efforts. If you do any of the above, then you’re better off than most of the communities that are starting today. Just remember: engage people, help them, and just keep your name out there for people to see. Not everyone is going to join, but having your name out there is extremely important. Aim to create a tight community on and off the forum, and don’t just spam Twitter like most admins do.

Anyway, what methods are you using to get more members off Twitter?