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    PHP Arrays & Loops Tutorial

    PHP, like many other languages, uses arrays to store information. Arrays can help keep data organized, easily retrievable, and even be translated to/from other languages (such as JavaScript) to let PHP play around with user information that someone submitted in a form. There are lots of...
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    Beginner SQL Tutorial

    SQL, or structured query language, should interest you if you plan on ever maintaining a large community or website. While free web software such as MyBB or paid software like XenForo won't make you go into the database, there may be a time when it's not a choice. Large forums often have to...
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    Basic JavaScript Tutorial

    Learning JavaScript is not as difficult as you may think. The language is used for a variety of things on websites including changing what your visitors see, sending data to another part of your website, temporarily storing user information, validating contact form data, and many other useful...
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