1. SeanFace101

    Looking For Admin & Staff (

    I have just started a new Q&A help website for all things related to science and i am looking to get another admin on board along with me and either 1 or 2 moderators before i start promoting it and getting regular members. :D This is the link to the website: :D...
  2. metamorphie

    Done or perfect?

    There is a pretty popular phrase that goes along the lines of "perfect is the enemy of done"; this, of course, means that you shouldn't obsess over the details and focus on finishing your work instead of wasting time trying to make it perfect. At the same time, famous game developer Shigeru...
  3. A

    Partnership for a New Project

    Hello, I've already established a new MyBB powered forum. Work is still under progress at the moment. I'd like to keep the name of the forum private for now to avoid any issues before we launch officially. Everything is nearly complete. The forum is a Technology based discussion & tutorials...
  4. R

    how work marketplace section for forum users

    Dear, can any member brief me how work marketplace section for forum users Thanks
  5. Meo

    Neet Work

    Site Name: Neet Work URL: Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum Tags: Work, Job, Freelance Description: Come and join our club! Register and do various tasks for paypal payments, come and chat! And check out our discord server, come and join...
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