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10/10 on Marketing Forum

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Sep 27, 2010
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Forum Link: http://forums.haveads.com
Your name on the board: Pesterd
Exchange Details: 10 for 10 Posts on eachothers boards. Minimum 25 word posts.

I will always complete them.
Sure thing do it now I am doing my posts now on your forum for this exchange, yes leave ten comments on my blog it's in signature and I am doing posts so far 1 done. ten will be done shortly. :D
I will, I did 5 so far. I believe u need to approve them from moderation.
krzyg said:
Would you like to do a 10/10 with me?
The link is in my signature. Let me know.
Yes sure, Im about to start

Username will be Pesterd.<br /><br />-- 11 Jan 2011, 06:09 --<br /><br />Finished on higherculture.

I am owed 10 Forum posts.
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