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10/10 Post Exchange

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Nov 14, 2010
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Forum Link: http://nintendofolk.com
Your name on the board: Mario789
Exchange Details: Here you post your boards link and I will post 10 messages on your board after you post 10 posts on my board. Please no forum games. You can also request another 10 on 10 as I would be happy to do so.
I posted 10 messages on your forum as well. Thank you for the exchange, looking forward to another one if possible.

Any other takers? I will do all exchanges.
Thanks for the positive feedback! And yes I would like to do another 10 on 10 :)

Edit: I posted 10 more messages on your forum
Thanks for the exchange again!

More takers would be awesome! Nothing could be nicer than 10 quality posts on your forum, just post your site below guys :)
I am working on the package right now, Please do your part of the package as well. Normally requests post first.

Edit: I finished your package please goto http://nintendofolk.com
Thanks DarkGizmo, I have completed your 10/10.

More requests would be great guys! I fill requests as soon as I see a post :)
Thanks fullmoon! Thanks for filling the exchange.

@Zawzuki, Sure i'll do another 10/10
Edit: Your exchange was completed :)

More takers guys! Like I said I fill all requests as I see them.
I just finished up our last 10/10.

Would you like to go again? :yes:
Great! Thanks.
More takers guys! I will duplicate a exchange (exchange more than once with the same member) and except all exchanges!
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