10 Free Posts From A Professional Paid Post Site

I've just requested for a forum I work on :) I hope to see good results.
Are there any more reviews on this? Would be interested in knowing if you get the 10 free.
well i just submitted my forum and it was free. It says that they will be done within 24-48 hours, so I will say if it works :)
I just signed up and verified. Hopefully it works out well. :D
It worked for me. A user entitled 'britney' appeared and made exactly 10 posts between which two were topics. The posts had qualities, I can't say they didn't.
Just signed up, the paid service looks a little pricey?
compared to other sites ive seen its cheaper, the actual posts i paid for are quality and actual thought from real people, there was the girl that did the free ones that came back and was really stupid. theyre more quality than youll get from any post exchange or pay for here

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