$25 Posting Competition!


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Jun 3, 2013
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Huh?: Make the most posts and win $25.
Prize: $25 voucher or Paypal gift. Will not do any of the others such as Google check out etc.
Dates: 8/2/11 - 19/3/11 (A month and a bit! New Zealand times)
How do I enter?: Just make a topic inside this forum with the format. You may update us on your total post count at any given time inside your topic.
What if I was disqualified?: You'll lose access to this part of the forum and won't be able to enter the next two contests we'll have.
I don't earn a post count for my posts in some places...: Some forums have been turned off from post counting as that way we get decent enough posts.
Who can enter: Anyone, apart from me.
How do I know if I get accepted?: You'll get a reply from me inside your post with an 'Accepted' prefix added to your topic.

More information: http://chatsxforum.net/showthread.php?tid=92
link broken :(

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