5 Website Promotion Myths


Jan 4, 2009
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Please read Myth#4 I see it happen alot here on FP.

Myth #1 – “It’s easy, just put up a website and you’re set for success”

Many perceive the sheer numbers of people online equates to enough of them coming to your site and making it consistently profitable. It doesn’t quite work that way because if your site is out of sight, out of mind, then nobody knows it even exists.
Remember, when you search for something online, you go to a search engine, type in your phrase and you get pages of results. This is exactly what your customers do! Not only do you need to register on search engines, you need to be prominently registered – aiming for top ranking or at the least, second page results. Anything less will considerably diminish your chances of being found.
Now if you don’t even register on the search engine radar, how will your customers find you?

Myth #2 – “Anybody can do it”
Very few people can do it right.
Attempting website promotion services on your own is disastrous. It is extremely time consuming and will greatly frustrate and disappoint if not done correctly. A lot is involved – the entire website promotion process is composed of several components that must fit together in a synchronised way in order for it to work properly.
Let’s take just three of the many aspects of website promotion to illustrate this myth:
1. Keyword research
2. Copywriting
3. SEO Marketing
These form the backbone of any website promotion strategy, but how will you devise effective techniques for each of these when this area is not your company’s expertise? Where will your company begin to research for keywords? Are they the correct ones? At what optimum density levels should they be used?
Your copywriting is crucial as is your SEO marketing. Who will write compelling and effective content to capture search engines, rankings and sales?
These are just three of the many components. All it takes is just one aspect to be done incorrectly and it can retard the whole process.

Myth #3 – “Presentation Is Everything”
In website promotion services, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Content is what makes or breaks a site’s effectiveness. If you put up a site with nothing except amazing graphics and flash, you have zero chance of selling anything. But if you put up a site with nothing but sales-pulling copy and rich content, you have every chance of securing business.
Presentation is part of the process; it’s not the process itself. There’s a fine balance that must be struck between visual appeal and effective copy. Professionals know how to integrate the two at just the right levels.

Myth #4 – “Sending Your URL to Thousands of Search Engines Is A Good Way To Get Business”
It’s actually a good way to have your site banned or de-listed from search engines. Any company that offers to blast your site to thousands of search engines is a company worth putting on your blacklist. Unfortunately many businesses register thinking this technique works. All you are doing is spamming the search engines and they don’t like it at all.
The best way to get business is having a results proven company put together a well planned website promotion campaign using the best experts available.

Myth #5 – “Website promotion is fast and yields quick results”
Whilst some aspects of website promotion are relatively quick, most of it is an extended process that takes time to research, develop, test and implement. It's not about getting a quick sale. Building trust and credibility with your customers takes time and often results in longer term relationships. Results are always contingent on the quality of the website promotion program. Naturally, profitable programs will yield much higher results over the same time period as mediocre programs.
The Author has put together a resource website strictly to educate potential and current business owners about website promotion. You can visit it at http://www.1web-site-promotion.com.

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In my on contribution to myth #4:

My belief is that you don't even have to submit your site to the search engines anymore, and my reasoning for that is eventually when the search engines to their crawling/spidering, they will find you that way.

It may take longer but it's a safer method and will help lessen the chances of being "blacklisted"

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