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Madly Diligent
Oct 29, 2010
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Name of Forum: Adminforums
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Type of Review ( Quick Review / Forum Review / Blog Review ): full forum reveiw
Date Forum Opened: october some time =)
Demo Account for reviewer (Supplied by requester): Demo Account - password
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First Impressions & Appearance - (Out of 20)

-The forum looks great. I like the color scheme and the matching banner. It’s a very sleek theme that for the most part is very catching. Don’t quit your day job, but you’ve done a great job with the forum’s look.
-One thing I noticed is that the header advertisement is bigger than the forum’s banner. Only in width, but it’s still a little unprofessional.
-I don’t use perfect very often. I won’t, because of the thing I mentioned above, but you have a great looking forum that you should be proud of.
(Scored 17/20)

Site Layout - (Out of 20)

-Like I mentioned above, the placement and size of the advertisement isn’t very well done. Either move it down the page, above the list of forums (centered), or look for a smaller advertisement banner.
-I think the “Advertise Your Site” forum could be better placed at the end of the “The Serious Stuff” section. It’s a semi-large part of the forum and advertisement goes hand-in-hand with other forums in that section.
-Other than that, the layout is great. I usually never have major issues with forum layouts.
(Scored 16/20)

Statistics and Activity - (Out of 20)

-If I could sum it up in three words, “Good, not great.”
-Most of the forums have posts within the last day, but a good few don’t, including the New Member forum. It’s important to have new posts all over the forum every day, especially welcoming new members.
-It’s obvious forums like the graphics forum are sort of being neglected. It could use more topics.
(Scored 16/20)

Staff Moderation - (Out of 20)

-It looks like the staff team is doing a good job. You are making the most of having only three staff members.
-It would be nice to see the other two staff members a little more active. They should contribute more so as to make the forum more active and a friendlier place.
-One of your staff members has multiple jobs. This isn’t a criticism; I just want to remind you to keep a close eye on this staff member. Having that much responsibility can sometimes be a little too much for some members.
(Scored 19/20)

Spelling/Grammar & Professionalism - (Out of 20)

-In the description of the Suggestions forum, the last word should be “experience”.
-In the New forum, change “youve” to “you’ve”.
-Change the description of Website Chat to “This is the forum to talk about website software. It can be anything from forum scripts to pagerank checking tools. You can also get help in here.”
-Please capitalize the first word of every sentence. There are a lot of mistakes like that. Go back and take a closer look at each forum description and fix them.
-The grammar and spelling are very bad. I was enjoying the forum until this section.
(Scored 8/20)
Total Score – 76 (Out of 100)

Final Remarks:

What was most liked about the website/forums:

-The look and the layout.
What was disliked most about the website/forums:

-The grammar made me want to gouge out my eyes.
How could I get you (The Reviewer) to join my website?

-Fix your grammar and tweak the banner advertisement.

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