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Type of Graphic: Website background image
Size in pixels: roughly about 1200 x 800 minimum
Type of payment: FP$ and a cheeky bonus
Link to forum or screenshot: ... u-54983068
Colour scheme: These colours please; "04345A", "035F9F" and "011B32"
Text / Subtext on image: No text on the image
Link to images (if applicable): See above for the image example

Notes?: Okay well basically I would like a background image for my website. Please use the colours above and any other grey type colours if you feel necessary. I'd like the lines effect on picture example although I want them 'shiny down' if you know what I mean. Also an extra sort of 'colourful' pattern with different colours would be nice as well. Once I'm happy with the finished product I'll donate all my FP cash and I'll also have a permanent link to your site as credit for making the image.


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