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Sep 17, 2015
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Okay then fella's, i'm a United fan, so let's get chatting ~smile~


How's 5th place treatig ya efc? ~razz~
Well I'm quite happy liverpool aren't doing as good as they should be doing! -happy- (im an evertonian)

But I am quite angry Everton aren't higher I think we should be doing better. I don't really think liverpool or chelsea are going to win the title this season, i think it will be between arsenal and man u. Liverpool are never going to win the premiership under rafa benitez.
An evertonian eh?

You've got some good talent: Lescott, Sol Campbell, Andrew Johnson, for a start.

Liverpool have a fairly decent chance with fernando torrez, although nothing like the chance Arsenal have with players such as Adabeyor.

There's a good chance Chelsea will slip in front of City in a few games time, shame really, because Sven's done really well this season.

Get him back to the England team i say ~biggrin~
Sol Campbell doesn't play for everton, he plays for portsmouth. We have lots of other talented and brilliant players aswell. -lol- (really)

I didn't want England to sack sven anyway but I don't think we should have him back. I don't really think there are any decent english managers out there. I don't like mclaren or allardyce and Paul Jewell couldn't manage england. At first I wanted to have scolari -happy-
efc2007 said:
Sol Campbell doesn't play for everton, he plays for portsmouth.

gosh - how could i forget ~redface~ must be the blue kits.

Regardless, the England manager discussion is something for another topic.

Looks like liverpool will move one place up if they get 1 point from their next game. ~frown~
Shame really, i like chelsea and hope they do well (not as well as United mind). ~razz~
You like Chelsea?! -bigeyes-

I really dislike them -lol-

Well there next game is away to Newcastle which won't be very easy. I didn't notice that Arsenal had a game in hand which is bad for United.

Evertons next game is Sunderland at home which I think we can win and if everything goes are way I think we can move up to 6th place -happy-
efc2007 said:
You like Chelsea?! -bigeyes-

Yep. They've got alot of Talent, and pretty much half their team is on the England Squad. Wright-phillips, Terry, Lampard, Joe Cole, Ashley Cole, - there's 5 quality englishmen for a start ~smile~

The problem with International weekends is that, as you've mentioned some teams are one game up than other teams, which ok, makes the table more exciting, but is also fairly annyoying ~mad~
Well I hate them most apart from Liverpool ~lol~

Lampard is always rubbish for England as you said. I don't even think they will win the premiership unless they start winning teams they should be beating.
Well hopefully it will be United who mess up! -lol-
I don't have to because I know -lol-
gosh i hope Lampard doesn't screw it up for England tonight, ill be cheering my country on, just 1 point will see us through to the Euro 2008 final round.

As for the B. premier league, well, United stand a great chance of topping the table within the next few games, on the other hand, so do arsenal.

Without Rooney, there's no more partnership with Tevez, :(

We'll see how the table's looking after this weekend :p
Christian said:
gosh i hope Lampard doesn't screw it up for England tonight, ill be cheering my country on, just 1 point will see us through to the Euro 2008 final round.
Shame we couldn't get that one point -evil-

Mind you England deserve it and the players deserve a hard kick up their.........
True, we had a chance, but once again we couldn't see the game out.

Let's the the Friendly Against Brazil for example, 1-0 in 60 minutes was a fantastic position for us, but we conceded an easy goal in 89 minutes, which means basically all the teams hard work was put to waste.

Then tonight, 2-0 down after 15 minutes. We made a fantastic comeback in the second half, but once again, they couldn't keep it going till the end, and, well...we ended up conceding a shot from outside the box, whihc went through 3 defenders.

Fair play to Scott Carson, he managed to pull of one or two good saves, although the firts goal he let in was a mistake i'd expect to see a school-boy make.

So fellas, we're out of Euro 2008 altogether. Guess we've got the world cup in 2010 to look forward to... ~rolleyes~
I am really happy mclaren has been sacked, I would really like Jose Mourinho, Scolari or someone like that to take over. Fabio Capello has said he would like the job and so has rafa benitez (if he becomes the england manager, I will support Scotland ~lol~ )

Also you do not start a keeper who has only played 1 international game in a very important game. If he is going to drop Robinson he should have started James.
I wouldn't like Mourinho being the new manager as i hate him (not only because of him being at Chelsea but because of his stupid things he says and does). I knew as soon as i saw that Robinson had been dropped i knew we were going to lose. I would have picked Beckham to start and put SWP on after about an hour when they were a bit tired and they would be able to cope with his pace.

He deserved to be sacked.
There is no good enough English managers to manage england though.
Martin O'neill maybe or stuart pearce but I still don't think there good enough. The odds on beckham becoming it is 5000-1 and for Alan Shearer I think it is 50-1 ~lol~
Alan Shearer would be a great England Manager in my opinion. I wouldn't want Jose or Rafa to get the job, like Fowler said, they both do and say stupid things - both good managers however.

Abit gutted Terry Vennables (sp?) was sacked, he's got pretty much the most experience with the England Team and he's been a great asset. It would be interesting to see Sven come back following his success this season at Man City. are tomorrow's fixtures

I expect Newcastle / Livepool will be a good game, shame Owen's out injured.
Chelsea and Derby, i reckon a 10-0 win :p

United and Arsenal will be level-pegging after tomorrow i presume, seeing as they both have easy games, and are both at the top.

Can't wait!

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