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Sep 25, 2007
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I am going to make another board, but my question is, who is the best server?

I am looking for a free server since I cannot afford a pay one right now.

I have PBS with one of my forums, but it has alot of problems.
I would look around and check Support Board's Announcements. It should tell you their downtimes.
DPooch said: is good,
That is another host that was crap for me... I had a test forum with them for a week and it was perfect then I started this forum and on the second or third day things went wrong and we had problems nearly everyday till the day we went to advance hosting...

This still have more issues then any other host. All there issues seem to have the same excuse... We are having an issues we one of our webservers"

I was getting those problems back in April last year... All hosts are good until i have a forum with them.
Agreed. have gone downhill alot since the data loss back in 2007. They have lost alot of there members since then.

The problem never seem to end, and that was one of the main reasons i purchased Advanced Hosting for my forum.

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