Big Brother

No I really hate it , I stopped watching it about 5 years ago. I sometimes watch the 'celebritys' one
I freakin hate that show, need a safe room with a timelock for them all.
omg too much screaming!!! cant bear to watch it this year

**wonders to self if the bubble has burst on the big brother empire?!**
i watch it lol yes i'm rather sad but i have to say for me its compulsive viewing although the constant shouting this year is rather tiresome
It is loads of people living together in a house 24/7 for months and each week one person gets voted out. If you haven't heard of it then you are quite lucky -razz-
There is nothing more annoying i think then watching it on E4 live... Everytime it starts to look interesting they cut the sound or cut away and start showing someone sleep or something. -evil-
I watch it but not consistently.
I love Dick - he's such an instigator! And Eric, America's Player, better watch his back now..

Jenn needs to leave ASAP!
Big Brother in the Philippines kinda sucks for me... 'cause i think it is somehow fixed and controlled by the network owner. ~redface~

but i do watch it.. :p
Didnt the winner get a role in hollyoaks?
The winner of BBUK got offered a part as an extra in the show, i.e. walking past in the background :lol:
this show just bores me to tears, was ok for the first couple then you just got all the idiots on who wanted to make a name for themselves

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