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Aug 14, 2007
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Hello everyone!

I think it's a good idea if there is a blacklist so when somebody didn't followed the rules he/she will be placed in the blacklist also when he/she has
broke a rule for the first time then he/she will get a warning and if he/she has broke rules many times then the status will be high or something like that
so you can't trust this person and when the one who has did it and has done it again then he can get banned from this forum

anyway what do you think about this idea you can edit if you want it.
It is an ok idea its like a hall of shame or something. We do have a report abuse button it is located were the 4 little buttons are on the bottom
I mean when people are reporting posts alot of somebody then he will get in the black list and his status will be 'a warning' when people report a post from the same guy the status will be 'you can't trust him' or something like that when it happent again he get a ban from the forum for a week when this all will happen all again he gets a ban for a month and again = ban for ever

btw this will be good for people that want exchanges for posts so when somebody reply he can check if the person isn't in the blacklist
and when he doesn't keep to the deal he will be placed in the blacklist.

ofcourse it's your own choice if you trust him or not even he is in the blacklist.
I understand what you mean, We do have a warning system aswell if you look on peoples profiles it tells you if they have been warned or not

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