We did have one although i took it down as it wasn't fully finished and i didn't have the time to finish it and maintain it but it will be returning soon when i get a bit of time.
Blogs can be hard to maintain though (in my case meaning update with content; especially a journal or a news blog.)
Depends on how you look at it. I have vBlog (paid mod) on BatMTology. It intergtares FULLY with the forum software (as the mod is made by vBulletin) and the best part is that if you register to the forums you automatically get a blog :D.

However is the "Blog" of this conversation I think is a side blog? Is that correct Fowler?
I assume it will be a side-blog. Fowler wouldn't be the only one submitting information, i assume team leaders will play a vital role in submitting information to the Blog, and keeping members updated on the latest news from their section(s) :)
Yep when we fowler gets more time and I have my proper pc we will bring the blog back and team leaders can probably post stuff on it to.
We should be able to post stuff to. Like tell who we are what we do etc. And if Christian doesnt update (on holiday or something) then we can.

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