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Aug 30, 2007
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Computer Core is a free online computer support site, we are here to provide free help to anyone that is has a problem with their computer. Our service is 100% free and you will not be expected to pay a penny!

If you are reading this page then your most likely have a problem with your computer but are wondering why we are offering a free service, well let me explain.

Computers these days are very advanced and most of the problems that occur usually have a simple way to fix them. We do not believe that companies should be making a profit by providing the public with help but charging them for it.
This is because they are making a profit by simply giving you a quick answer. So this is why computer core was formed, to provide free, fair help to the public!

There is no catch, we are just a bunch of people that are doing a good deed! Visit the support forums, describe your problem and you will be away within a few hours!

We also provide you with the best news from the world of technology, we will even email you about new dangerous viruses and provide you with steps to secure your computer.

We will be having a competition for a free domain soon.

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