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Apr 18, 2007
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This forum is for members, ex-members, and friends and family of members or ex-members of any cult or new religious movement. Our focus is to create a safe space for the members of this forum to converse and to create an online support community. The forum is run by volunteers and no fees are charged. Prime values in these collaborations are openness, honesty, sharing, and a pooling of effort. We have no religious agenda, but most of our volunteer helpers have been affected by cults in some way. We hope the forum will be organic in its creation, and we aim to allow and facilitate forum members in creating this community.

Sorry for the late review but i have been and am very busy.

Anyway, your forum seems to be a bit small. I suggest maybe adding a few more forums like general chat ones just so there is something else to talk about.. Then i recommend promoting your site abit through Affiliates maybe in order to increase members a bit.
Yep A Few More Topics And Forums Mite Help.


And Some Other Subjects.

No posts for 4 weeks so it is LOCKED!!!

Feel free to resubmit for review
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