Cuz there were too many ads and the support got less with the new management and stuff...

This place has waay more options and NO ads!
But free-forums have way more downtime.

Number of Members: 9/10 - 13 members in 2 days is really good although most of them are from your old site.
Number of Active Members: 6/10 - Hard to do as your forum is very new but haven't posted with few not even logging in since they signed up to your forum.
Number of Posts (spam or otherwise): 9/10 - 611 posts in 2 days is brilliant although 404 are spam so that brings your score down slightly.
Appearance (first impressions): 4/10 - Quite harsh i know but there are a few problems. One there is a strange problem with the skin (check the attachment). Also i find the shout-box, search box and the Dictionary/Encyclopedia just make the forum look very very untidy and spoils the appearance of it. You have lots of in active forums so you should maybe try to hide them or merge them together
Layout: 5/10 - Way to many forums with no posts in. (see above)
Moderation: 4/10 - I don't know how busy your last forum was so you may have needed 4 admins but i think you are way over staffed. 4 admins who are all very active is good but you then have i moderator as well who is inactive as is yet to log in,
Activity: 9/10 - Very active although it is helped by forum games and having a previous community before moving but still i can't fault that fact.
Overall mark (out of 100): 65/100 - Good site although needs quite a few changes to make it better in my opinion and moving to free-forums might have been a mistake as having a forum that is up 99% of the time is better then a forum that nearly always seems to be down. I had trouble accessing your site twice during this review. :roll:
Thanks for reviews.... and the criticisms :)

I might go back to EAMPED after all :(

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