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Jan 16, 2011
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Description:DesiForums is a forum for south-Asians (or people of south-Asian descent) around the world to communicate with one another. With a variety of things to talk about, and games to play, DesiForums is a great place to collaborate with your fellow Pakistani/Indian/Bangladeshi friends. Come join our family-friendly community today! (Registration is completely free.)
Your Name on the Board:"Zahid". It should be easy to find me. Please contact me at [email protected] for more information regarding our forum. As it is fairly new, we don't have a lot of members, so please help us out by being active and telling your friends to join as well.

Once again, you can visit us at

See you soon! :)
Plus you're using a free domain service, you have one URL for every page on your site.
Your forum sections have nothing to do with South Asia either, I was expecting a cultural board, but it's just general discussion. You're sending potential members away by declaring it as a South Asian forum.
AND you're using default phpBB theme.

You've put next to no effort into this, try harder or you'll get nowhere fast.
I'm not Desi. But know a lot about Desi culture and have many Desi friends.
I would love to join, and would hope I'm welcome...

But again, there's nothing that sets this forum apart.
Where's the culture?
You guys do realise all of the aforementioned nationalities reside in the US also...Right?
_AktvsTT said:
You guys do realise all of the aforementioned nationalities reside in the US also...Right?

Exactly. All of the admins/mods are Asian-American. We are all based in the United States.

The forum doesn't have a specific topic of discussion. It's a simple, general-topic forum. But it's intended to be used by south-Asians around the world to simply chat with each other and hang out.

EDIT: We understand that the forum style/design is very basic. Unfortunately our forum-host doesn't have many to choose from, as their platform is fairly new. We are working with them and will be updating our forum with a cleaner, more flashy design later on as we grow.

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