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Diamond Package: BID NOW! Ends 20/12/10


Aug 16, 2009
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I am selling a Diamond Package!
I am accepting PayPal. PLEASE PAY OR YOU WILL BE REPORTED. Bidding ends on the 20/12/2010!
Paypal email: [email protected]

Diamond Package
25 Posts/Topics (mixed)
Your banner displayed for 1 week at: http://www.fudgepromotion.com
Your forum link/banner in my signature for 1 week here at FP, AND on http://www.fudgepromotion.com !
Following you on Twitter with DaisySanders97

Thanks :)

Bidding starts at $1.
Yeapp. I think this topic has expired and should be trashed..
If it was a typo I bid $1.50 :) I don't need any of the other stuff though so could if I win can you post a few more posts in exchange?
Thanks for bidding :)
I could add... 13 more posts?<br /><br />-- 20 Dec 2010, 15:30 --<br /><br />Fluffysanta wins- 38 posts for $1.50

Thanks :)
Cheers. I'll send the link and send to your PayPal within the week. My old host that I'm still hosting my site on is still causing trouble with their downtime.

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