Die Hard 4


Jun 19, 2007
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I was listening to the Radio the other day and somebody (listener) said it was better than the original.

Is this true the original and the second one are amazing?

Is Die Hard 4 really that good?

I plan on watching it but is proving difficult to convince my wifey.
I havent watched it, but I was reading this magizine and it had a pic for each movie, it was funny, the first one he had a full set of hair, second slightly balding, third really starting to go bald, fourth bald! -razz-
i havent watched the new one but the past ones were amazing
It was a really good movie. -D-
I really enjoyed. Very corny but pure action all the way through. A great viewing on a Friday night with popcorn :p
It's not better than the original, but it was better than 2 and 3.
I liked the first one and two the most.

This newer one wasn't bad though, but 3 was definitely the worst of the series.
First 3 were good. 4 and 5 were horrible in my humble opinion.

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