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Aug 29, 2007
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I am still planning on working on the portal a bit, but the forum index is done
Number of Members: 7/10

It's a new forum that needs to be advertised more. There are few members at the forum

Number of Active Members: 5/10

Those that are members, aren't active.

Number of Posts (spam or otherwise): 7/10

There are posts, but not very many interesting topics.

Appearance (first impressions): 2/10

The logo needs to be changed. It's too big. This should have been changed a long time ago. This might be why your forum is doing poorly.

Layout: 6/10

I don't think suggestions and feedback need a separate category. I also the suggestion forum and the feedback forum could be merged together. I don't think you need a graphics forum either. Rules can be summarized in a thread (theres no need for a forum).

Moderation: 7/10

Some topics should be moved to different forums but I won't elaborate other then say maybe get more staff members for the forum to help you do the job.

Activity: 4/10

No one is online besides me. It seems as if everyone posts in forums near the top of the categories so maybe move them down in the list of categories to keep the post count balanced between the forums.

Overall mark (out of 100): 54/100

Please change your logo. So it fits the forum correctly. It seems like the members are too attached to your forum since I saw that you made a thread about asking people to help out and no one replied.

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