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FP cash deals

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Jun 29, 2010
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post what amount of posts you'd like for what amount of fp$, and i'll either accept or decline the offer.

thanks! :D
20 posts for 170FP$ on a promotion forum? You will be able to promote your site and get some FP$.
i accept all these offers. i will try to do one in 1-2 days, all will be finished by Friday. i will do the wizard's first, than taz, than jack1, than ace (the order is based on fp$ offered and time of post).

please let me know what sites you guys want them on.

and to everyone else, i'm still looking for 2-3 more fp$ deals! this offer will be closed by december 5th, so ask now!
great thanks :D

ace, jack, and taz, please tell me what sites you want them completed. and do you guys care if their not completed within a week?

anyways, this deal is now closed to anyone besides those who i have already accepted
here's the site: http://simpromote.com

I believe that you have 1 posts so just do another 20 on the same account (add up to 21 posts). I don't mind if you don't do it in a week. PM me when you finish and i will pay you.

thanks ace. taz and jack, i need your sites

EDIT: sorry taz and jack, i'm done doing deals for now
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