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Nov 1, 2010
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Name of Forum: Cult Classics
Forum Link: http://s4.zetaboards.com/Cult_Classics/index/
Type of Review Forum Review
Date Forum Opened: November 9th 2010
Demo Account for reviewer (Supplied by requester): Username: Reviewer Password: sosimple
Additional Notes: I would like this to be finished quickly as I need to know quickly.

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First Impressions & Appearance - (Out of 20)

When I first opened your forum, I didn't know what your forum was about. The banner looked great, but it really didn't give me any ideas as to what your forum is about. I think that if you put some sort of inconspicuous description in the banner that it would tell guests what the forum is about so that they know head on if they are interested in joining or not.

I'm not really a fan of the theme to be honest, I don't think that the red main color in the forums matches the banner or that the theme in general looks for for your type of forum. The second theme called "The underground" that you have would look a lot better with your banner and forum. Because your banner (which is really nice by the way) is kind of dark themed and generally dark looking. But, if you set the forum theme to The Underground for some reason the banner looks a lot smaller. I think that you should make the default theme "The underground" but make the banner fit the forum width instead of it having a set width.

I notice that your forum is using the default Zetaboards favicon. Not only is that not unique to your forum, but it doesn't have anything to do with your forum. If you don't want to make or get someone to make a custom favicon for your forum, I would recommend you to use the site "Free favicon" to find a decent favicon for Cult Classics. Frankly, any favicon or none at all would be better than using your forum providers default favicon.

I think that your forum is too tiny and under-developed to already have more than one advertisement on the forum index. Perhaps you should get rid of the one under the navigation bar. Doing that would make the forum index look so much more clean.
(Scored 12/20)

Site Layout - (Out of 20)

You have a "News & Discussion" category and an off topic category. In the "News & Discussion" category for some reason you have a general discussion forum in it as well as a "Triva & Games" forum in the News and Discussion section of your site. Move the Trivia and Games forum to the off topic, and move the general discussion forum to the off topic forum. Neither of those forums pertain to the site, which I'm assuming that category is for.

Other than that you have the standard forum layout for your forum. The important site information, feedback/suggestions, and introductions. Then the main content, followed by the sub content. Then a general discussion category.

I think that your forum has too many forums and categories. I think you should ditch the "1970's", "1980's", "1990's", and "2000's" categories. Each of the categories I listed above has three forums in that category, so merge the three forums from each category into one. Then make a new category with the forums "1980's classics", "1970's" classics, ect. in it instead of there being "1980's classic movies", "1980's classic music", ect. I think that would make the index itself be more organized and easier to navigate through for someone who isn't familiar with your forum and its categories.
(Scored 12/20)

Statistics and Activity - (Out of 20)

Judging by your forums activity, your forum is still rather new.
From my calculators calculations, the average amount of posts per user is about twenty-five. That's OK for a new forum, but could be better. I find that a good average for posts per user is fifty. That way even if there are accounts with no posts it will not make your statistics look bad. My suggestion is to make more topics yourself. Make discussion-enticing topics in each forum and some regular members may
come out of it. When a user is new they tend to like to get into the community first to reply to topics as opposed to jumping right into the community by making topics.

To help your forum activity I would also recommend you doing some active member-active member forum exchanges with someone else. (Of course if you take my advice and do plan to do this, you should also check the average post quality of who you are going to be doing the exchange with). Doing an active member-active member exchange can benefit you in multiple ways; you're getting posts from the other forum owner, you have the chance to become friends with other active members on the person you're doing the exchange withs forum, and you can add a signature link in the forum you're doing the exchange on. It's a win-win, and I think that it's exactly what you need to do with your forum to get it off the ground.

I think that before you do anything whether it be improving the theme, or descriptions, you should add more topics and content to the many forums on your forum that only have two or so topics in them. Only have two or so topics in each forum makes the forum itself look extremely inactive, and since there are so many forums out there of the same genre of you, doing everything you can to put your forum a step ahead is what you should be doing. That would benefit your forum greatly.
(Scored 10/20)

Staff Moderation - (Out of 20)

You currently have one administrator and one moderator. I think that that is a great amount for your forums current activity. Until you get about five-hundred posts, I feel that you should stick with that amount. You don't want to have more staff than you do active members.

It seems both yourself and your one moderator have been on either today or yesterday, which is always a great thing. Staff set an example, so if your staff are not active then how could expect users to want to be active? But I don't think that you have to worry about that just yet, because as I mentioned above both yourself and your moderator have been online today or yesterday.

I also like how you are the only administrator on the forum. That is a wise decision, with all the recent password crackings, and one which I would recommend you keeping. The less amount of people who have access to the administration control panel, the better.
(Scored 19/20)

Spelling/Grammar & Professionalism - (Out of 20)

The forum "Site Feedback/Suggestion" should be "Site Feedback & Suggestions" because in the other forums in Cult Classics you use "&" not "/", and you always want to be symmetrical when it comes to that type of thing.

In the forum "Triva & Games" you spelled "Trivia" wrong. It should be "Trivia", not "Triva".

Basically all the forum descriptions in the categories "2000's", "1990's", "1980's", and "1970's" are incorrect. For all of them you have the text "Discuss about the XxxxX" (XxxxX being whatever that indevidual forum is titled). What I quoted above is not nesissarily wrong, but it could be improved. I think it would just generally sound better if you had "Discuss all the great classic XXXss of XxxX!". The first XxxxXs being either movies, music, or whatever other forums you had in the categories I mentioned above. The second XxxxXs being the time period you have set for that category.

Those are the only problem I can find as far as the grammar, spelling, ect. goes, but you should change the ones I mentioned above as soon as possible. Having spelling and grammar issues on your forum can make your forum seem unprofessional, and that can be a turn off for some users.

(Scored 5/20)
Total Score - 58/100

Final Remarks:

What was most liked about the website/forums:
The banner.

What was disliked most about the website/forums:
The amount of spelling and grammar issues on the index page.

How could I get you (The Reviewer) to join my website?
Fix the spelling and grammar issues I mentioned above and improve on the activity.

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