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Sep 17, 2007
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Hello. I found this forum through a graphics forum. My board is new. We have a good bit of friends on the board but I have always had a very hard time promoting. So Hopefully this board can help me.

My board is about Krazy Katz. :)

My real name is Robin, and I'm from Kentucky.
Hi Mel. I need to take a look at your forum sometime. I'm also Pagan. Though I'm not in the UK.

Hey brilliant ~ you're more than welcome and it doesn't matter where your from -D-

Looking forward to seeing you there my name on the forum is RavenStar
They made two for me ~ this one I use in my signature box's on all the forums I'm a member of and the second one (which is slightly bigger and a slightly different design) I use in banner exchanges and for advertising. I was really pleased and dead impressed how quick they were to respond to my request -D-
They meaning CG Arts?
Don't you recognize my name? I'm a mod there!!

Yep d025.gif I haven't logged on there for a while though, the art work is very good and I would highly recommend it

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