How do you Advertise?


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Apr 7, 2007
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How do you advertise your forum?

Do you sign up on promotion forums and post there or do you use topsites, directories, do you concentrate on getting loads of affiliates to bring members to your forum or do you use other ways?
well if its a forum with a theme i find people who really like that certain theme. I use topsites and i use ad forums. I also get affiliates.
I try to use a bit of each. Use affiliates, post on other promotion forums, and submit to various topsites. I think a good balance of each brings in the most traffic IMO.
I'm on Forum Topsites and I found this place tonight.. I haven't done any advertising really other than via Bulletins on myspace thru my friends and on a few other forums I mod or admin..
Just advertice it on every advertice forums that i know ~cool~
I joined a web ring but its' a real pain so won'e be doing that again. Also Joined a banner exchange with another site aswell as joining a Top Site thingy.
I use a litttle of everything I can think of topsites,signatures,promotion boards...You name it.
I advertise here, on my subreddit, and my discord servers as well as advertising discord servers and just make friends and hopefully it comes by word of mouth.

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