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Sep 12, 2007
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Description:Isle Tyria is a Guild Wars-based forum. The Original idea was to make a forum where guild wars players could join eachother and talk about the game and such. Though now i've added some more specific RP-elements wich make the forum the very first GW : RP-board! (as far as i know :p )

Your Name on the Board: Amilian

Additional Comments*: The site's still very young, and things are still being edited, but every single member is welcome.
The Skin is ok but i like the logo alot.... Also consider moving the rules forum and make it a subforum in the site announcements or something as i find a whole forum in full view on your forum index for rules is rather pointless.
The skin would look better if it had matching buttons
@ Fowler : Thanks for the tips, will certainly do that!

@ Efc : Yeah, I know that, but can't really find matching buttons, haven't made them myself you know, I'm not that handy with Photoshop and such :)

EDIT : I'm edditing all sorst of stuff on the board now, already have my first member (yey :D), adding ranks, gonna add an avatar gallery, need buttons (if someone can make some fitting with the board, it'll be a great help!), and posting some announcements, lots of work to do!
I would have a little look round for you but I dont think id get any what would match that skin. Do you know were you got it from? Also I would consider posting in some of the forums as it looks empty
Edit :

kay, some things have been edited now :
-We've got an avatar gallery
-Character Sheet has been posted
-Rules have been completed
-The forum is now officially been opened ;)

oh, I've got a few questions to, don't know if someone gonna answer, but to hell with it :

1.Does someone has a good way to promote the forums? I've done several things but people don't seem to visit?
2. Making such a board, while trying to make it grow and edditing stuff and such is working much, someone know how i get staff? 'cause when i don't have members, i'll sure have no staff members..

If you are interested in being a staff, you can always reply ;)

oh, and sry for dubblepost -redface-

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