Making Money From Games


Dec 14, 2010
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Making money from games

How do you make money from buy/selling games?

Are you a Teenager with a bit of spare cash but want some more?

There are frequently amazing offers on games meaning that there is room for you to make a quick profit from selling those games on ebay.

Halo Reach has gone as low as £17.99
It can sell on ebay for £24 minimum that is a simple profit
Assasins creed 2 has been £9.99 many times
Medal Of Honor £17.99 this was a few months ago as well.

Chat titles:
Chart titles can be on offer as much as 10-20% less than other retailers depending on the platform, with vouchercodes and/or cashback this could be even less

Is it safe?
Yes buying and selling games for profit is very sale and legal, if its new you can at least sell it for the price you bought it but that is quite unlikely if you go for the right games.

Where to find the prices?
You can then purchase the game wait for it to come and sell it on ebay, don't worry if the game is not your cup of tea its still easy profit!

Yes This is for the big boys, consoles are good for making money too e.g. a Nintendo Ds has gone as low as £89.00 once on amazon and these sell for £117, this is not infrequent either, companies know that there is a VAT rise and they want your money.

Will people buy them?
Yes most likely, there are lots of potential buyers on Ebay. You can always undercut the competition by a £1 or more to ensure that you sell quickly.

Good Luck
Nice "stealth" advertisement, but I could always go cheapassgamer which I assume is updated a wee bit more often ;)

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