Men breath smell bad


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Nov 6, 2010
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I heard from many women that men breath smells bad! But i just want to protest in this topic. Bad breath smell is not related with men, even women breath can also smell bad, even could be worst. Women are beautiful i agree with this, but that doesn't mean that their breath will be nice. Men usually smoke a lot, and drinks more then girls, this could be a reason of bad breath but it doesn't mean that bad breath is always with men.
My breath smells good..I'm a man. I brush my teeth correctly and use mouth wash. I do not drink nor do I smoke. I'm sure my breath smells right when I wake up. But, that's just "morning breath". I brush my teeth and it's all fine after that.

Woman can have some kickin breath, I know that for a fact..So it's not true that just guys have bad breath.
Use those little flossers you buy, most of them now have a thing that lets you brush your tongue on the back of it, and that thing really cleans all the crap off your tongue that gives you that bad breath. I've been using it for a few months now.

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