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Apr 7, 2007
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Do you use MSN, yahoo or any other type of instant messenger?
I use Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Mail
I don't use any instant messengers.... My brother uses MSN all the time and he just speaks to all the people he knows which is pointless i think. He spends all day seeing them then in the evening he chats to them on MSN aswell.
I use MSN though It drives me nuts sometimes because It knocks you off so much.
I use the YIM Web Messenger. I'm to lazy to get the downloaded version. :p :eek:
Never heard of that one.
I use Yahoo Messenger, and I like it more than MSN or other type of instant messenger
I use AIM, although I do my AIM chatting via Trillian, which is a lot better than the normal AIM client.
I remember these back in the day, I'm pretty sure no one uses them anymore unfortunately. The good old days, I spent all night talking to my friends on it.
Ever since social media came on the scene it's gone downhill
Yeah agree with you point there. Still it's something that I won't miss

No, I won't miss it because the people who I talked to on there have FB, or Twitter.
I probably have more nostalgia for MSN than any other instant messenger. I wish they hadn't shut it down. I would probably still use it to this day.

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