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Aug 21, 2007
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It may not look like much on the outside, but it's actually quite fun! We are looking for new members to expand the fun to be had playing forum games. And these games are amazing. Members challenge each other in battles of wits and skill on a regular basis. Form and break pacts with one another in order to prove that you are the ultimate competitor. It's mostly related to Harry Potter, but we've got other games as well, and will have even more once more members join up!

As of right now, we only have a handful of members, but those who are dedicated have gotten us to almost 12,000 POSTS! Each and every one of our members are enjoyable to be around, and have their own unique style of doing things. Register now, discuss your favourite topics in the off topic section, and show everyone that you are the top competitor.

Darth Sharrakor is my username, and another administrator is The GM
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Please make it the topic subject the title of your site...
I normally wouldn't lock it for just that but you didn't accurately follow the guidelines, so it is like two halves making a whole.
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