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My shop :) plus freebies, see first post on page 11

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Madly Diligent
Jun 28, 2010
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Well, seems my package wasn't so popular, so I'll be offering other services for a small fee. Here are my services and prices :

Selling Off:[/color

1 post/thread + intro free (off-topic for forums I'm not interested in such as sports, coding, graphics, pets, home stuff) : 3 FPs (No moar threads, only comments)

1 post and/or thread on-topic + intro free (for forums I like, example : general discussions, gaming, anime/manga, lit discussions, debates, asian cultures, foods & recipes and various other topics, I will tell you if it interests me if you give me the link to your forum) : 5 FPs for a post or thread and NO more than 5 per request,thanks.

1 follow on twitter or follow your blog : 10 FPs as Gamers' Party and as Naiwen for your blog

1 tweet/digg/like/rate/google like your blog articles/fora, etc : 15 FPs please tell me what to tweet, no more than 140 characters for a tweet.

1 blog comment : 4 FPs (if your blog doesn't interest me, I reserve the right to refuse your request), no more than 3 per requests.

1 signature link for a week : 30 FPs (no banners, sorry and maximum 4 weeks, and you'll have to wait a week before requesting again)

1 referral for you when I join : 3 more FPs. Please give me your username on your board

Happy ordering. All of them are intro included except for forums I'm already registered on. My aliases include : Naiwen, Ashera, Sakura, Tomoyo. And if I'm having a problem registering on your forum, I will PM you. Once again, not offering facebook likes as I don't want people here to know my real name and private infos, thanks.
I agree. You can request my services after a week of wait.

P.S: For all promotion forums, please give me some cash beforehand so I can get myself some services.

Note: If you don't pay me, I'll never accept a deal with you again.

Sites I'll absolutely not accept: Roleplaying, coding, graphics and fora that require tech knowledge. That is if you don't have a general forum. (By tech talk I mean that I need to post tuts and stuff like that, general discussions about software and gadgets I can do)

A p.s: The reason why I'm doing this at a very low price, is because I love to help out. so that's why.

A p.p.s: If you want posts on a general chat forum (that is if your whole forum's a general genre): it's 5 fps per posts. Thanks!


1 digg, rate, like, or tweet, all in all a share my blog post: 20 FPs per share. Choose it. Do it only once though or however.

Comments on my blog: 1/25 FPs. XDD (Its the first link in my sig). Also, one person may do it only max once. thank you, no cheating. XDDd

My Link: http://myasianrecipesbox.blogspot.ca/
Re: Several Cash Deals

How much for 10 Posts @ http://eclypticstudios.com/forums

PLEASE REMEMBER - we are not JUST gaming, you must register to view the whole shabang(social networking, buddy lists, services, etc...) --> Members only!

So 10 Posts?

I can give you a VIP spot for 20 posts + some FP too.

Re: Several Cash Deals

Saruman, your case would be on-topic as I can do gaming forums... so it'd be 5 FP/post, but if you want some off-topic post in the social shabang, just say how much you want, and I don't really care for VIp access. Travis, okay, but how do i follow you on your blog?
Re: Several Cash Deals

Once you visit the blog on the right hand side it should have a button that says Follow.
Re: My shop :)

1 fallow on twitter : 10 FPs

1 tweet : 15 FPs

1 blog comment : 4 FPs

Could I get 1 follow for @SketchioBlog, tweeting the two most recent posts on Sketchio and 2 blog comments on the two most recent posts, please?

(for the tweeting, there is a Twitter button at the bottom of each post)

I'll pay 100FP$ for that.
Re: My shop :)

Naiwen said:
Ok then. But no to the comments, I've read the articles, and I can't think of anything to comment about... I've fallowed as gamersparty.
Is that just the follow? (10FP$)
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