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May 31, 2007
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I am currently the newest user... now lets keep it that way. That way you all can experience the joy of have my name on the front page...
Thanks, Why :wink:
Ohhh... It seems like someone already has. Oh well. I thought I would at least get a day... Hey Fowler.
How's it going? :wink:
hey hi,
I would say welcome, but as you can tell Im new here too....

Luckily you weren't the next one to register so I have nhard feelings against you... :wink: however that person faced a slightly different out come. See Graveyardhag down there.... his username wasn't always like that.... :twisted: :? :evil:
Exactly! Welcome shoe man! :wink:
I must have the longest running introduction thread in history. Am I right Fowler :wink:

Know why are all you guys joining. I specificly asked noone else too :evil: ...,Don't you know nothing... :roll:
You know You guys are obviously not getting the point. Even excluding the shoe man it seems that 15 or 20 people have registered since I got here.

What do you think the problem is Fowler?
I'm sure Fowler enjoys having new members "Why06". And I do a little bit too. With my board's link all over this place, I never would want this place to get less members. Because normally members get bored and leave. So new members means more people looking at my link and my forum staying active.
We have had 39 members sign up since you why06 so thats 39 members in 15 days... I don't get what your saying at all.. I don't see a problem. :?

PS. Yes i was that bored to sit and count all the members.
I know I just like messin with you and making you count users... :lol:
Luckily i can count up to 39 so it wasn't a problem...
Glad to hear it... otherwise you couldn't past the regisrtation test 7-2=5

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